It’s OK not to be OK

Bonsoir guys ! I didn’t plan to write or to publish anything today, but this blog is a part of me, and I felt like I needed to talk. I post articles about beauty, fashion, vegan recipes… But life isn’t all about how we look, what we wear, nor what we eat. We are human above anything, which means that we have our ups and downs. Some days I fee like I could run the world, and some others I feel so vulnerable. Today is one of these days.




I can’t complain about the life I have. I have both of my parents, and maybe sometimes we argues, but they love me, they support me, and they rarely say « no » to me. Probably because after I will be grumpy and you don’t want to see me grumpy haha I have two young brothers, and it’s not always easy to communicate with children, because we have a huge gap years. But I know that despite our difficulties to talk and to show our feelings, they care about me. I have a few friends, but the few I have are more valuable than anything. I have a roof above my head, my own bedroom, a huge closet, plenty of tech stuff… But material things can’t fill a life nor a soul.

I studie communication, and I love this field. I hope that one day I will write for a fashion magazine. Being the editor in chief of Vogue Paris is my dream. Or why not launching my own magazine ? The truth is that I’m afraid to fail, to be disappointed, and to never be able to achieve my dream. My eyes hurt because of the tears I’m trying to hold. It won’t take long before they run on my cheeks. I can’t explain why I feel so empty, I have goals, ambition. I have this blog and my recent Youtube channel. ( By the way, I wanted to post a video earlier, but thank you wifi, it takes hours to upload, so I don’t know  when it will be online )

As human beings, we always want more than what we need, more than we has. In the end we are frustrated and unhappy. We should focus on what we have, and how precious it is. We are used to consume in more quantities than required. We don’t need that much. But society put us under pressure. We have to be successful, healthy, beautiful, intelligent, rich… And all of it at the same time. We have to be like images frozen in time. But we are alive, which means that we can’t stay still. Our lives will change, we will change, not necessarily for the best. But there is nothing we can do because it’s how we are, how it is.

Once you have accepted this lack of power and control over everything including your own life,then it becomes easier to live. Easier doesn’t mean easy. I’ve been through a lot recently, mostly because I’m sick and it’s ruining my life, but I am still here, standing on my feet and my head held high. I am trying so hard to please everyone, to be perfect..

But perfection doesn’t exist, I have fail, I will fail again. We all do. Through this article, I didn’t mean anything particular, I’ve been writing, following my thoughts. But it made me realized that I am not as weak as many people might think, as I might think as well. Having bad times is normal, and it’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you are not strong, that you are miserable and that your life is a mess. It just proves that you have feeling, a heart and a mind.

I sincerely hope, wherever you are and whoever you are, that you know that you can let yourself go, it’s ok. Everything will be ok. When you feel low, close your eyes and think about all the good things that you’ve done and happened to you. Know that there will be more of them. Know that you’re not alone, we all go through this kind of period. Know that life is hard and unfair, yes, but life is also beautiful, full of surprises, people to meet, places to discover and emotions to feel. To rephrase « Full Metal Jacket« , I will conclude by saying that We are in a world of shit, yes, but we are alive, and we shouldn’t be afraid.




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