Huge announcement ! ( No I’m not pregnant )


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Bonjour guys ! I have something huge to tell you !! For a few weeks I’ve been thinking about a project which I didn’t tell anyone. But more I thought about it, more it became something more than a simple project. It became something I wanted to concretize and now I have.

My blog is my baby, I am passionate about what I do, I hope you can see that. I love writing, editing, taking photos, talking to you guys, and everything that being a blogger implies. But I wanted to add something more, to offer you more content, and also to challenge myself by doing something I’ve never done before : being in front of the camera.

Have you guessed what I’m trying to say ? 😉 I have created a YouTube Channel as a complement to my blog :
I will try to post videos at least once a week. Of course I will tell you when a new video will be updated, so make sure to follow me on the social medias 🙂




As I said, my YouTube Channel is a complement to the blog, so I will mainly post make up tutorials, look books, hauls, reviews, recipes etc… To me it’s a huge thing because I’ve never been at ease with a camera. That is probably due to the lack of self confidence I had. But now I’m ready, I want to push my limits and see how far I can go.

My first video is a « Trailer » if I may say. You can watch it here : I think it’s important to start by presenting myself and the Chanel. If you have any suggestions of videos let me know, if I’ve created it it’s for you too. It’s useless if the content doesn’t please you, so never hesitate to tell me if you have an idea of video you would like me to make. Every propositions are welcome !

It’s a big step I’ve taken, I will show you my face, you will hear my voice, see where I live, where I go… my private life in a word. I ask you not to judge me, if you don’t like what I do then just don’t look, but please, please, no hate, no insulting comments. My first videos won’t probably be La crème de la crème, but I will improve, day after day. I am a perfectionist and very exigent with myself. I will never post something if I think it doesn’t worth to be watch.

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I hope that you appreciate the fact that I’ve created my YouTube Channel, it’s by devotion for you, creating content is what I love the most, and what I hope am good at. I’m so nervous, if you could see me now writing this article haha ! I’m excited but I have a lot of apprehension. I know that people can be mean on the web, but I also fear not to be notice. If I post articles and videos, it’s because I like it but also because I want them to be read / seen. It’s pointless to do things if there are no one to share them with, and I want to share them with you.

I will end this article here, otherwise I will keep writing for hours and it will be a too long article haha ! Anyway, tell me what you think of my Channel, and spread the world that an amazing blogger has created her YouTube Channel and that it’s as great as her ;p More seriously, thank you for the support and the encouragement, it’s more helpful than you can imagine. I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love… I wish you a very good day / night whatever the time it is where you are. I will post an article very soon, until then you have a YouTube Channel to discover 😉 XOXO


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  1. Congratulations on your new project ! Welcome to youtube ! 🙂


    1. Thank you very much ! I hope this project will pay 🙂

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  2. Je vais m’abonner à ta chaîne 🙂


    1. C’est adorable merci ! 🙂 Et très encourageant


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