Blooming on top

Bonjour guys ! The sun and the heat are not only making flowers bloom. Summer make me in a good mood, and I bloom too. Each morning when I pull the curtains of my bed room and the my garden with all those colors it makes me happy. Happiness is weird feeling, we look for it our all life, but the truth is that we can be happy many times if we open ourselves, and let us be amazed by the simple things. Happiness is not wealth or fame, it’s feeling alive and having a purpose. I am happy because I have my blog and my Youtube channel which give me something to get up every morning. I am happy because I have a supportive family who encourages me. I am happy because I have friends that push me and make me more confident. I am grateful to have this life, and I wanted to share with you those photos which where taken one of these moments when I feel good and happy.



Look at those flowers, the blue skye… Our world is a beautiful place to live in right ? I was in the mood for a sweet look, with pastel tones and of course flowers print haha ! My top is from Zara, I’ve purchased it a few weeks ago. It’s the Summer sales so I don’t know if you will be able to find it in store… It costed around 40E, which is a little bit too much for just a top, but I love Liberty prints so  bought it anyway. Yeah, I pledge guilty haha



My sunnies are from D&G, they are huge, like the eyes of a bee, but I don’t care. The glass protects effectively against the uv, they are not heavy and they are dark, so they look good with pretty much anything. Since D&G is a luxury brand they cost a lot of money, but I take a great care of them. I’ve never let them fall, and I have for a year ! Who’s the best ? 😉


I bought those light pink pants last Summer in a little shop on the île d’Oléron so you can’t find them. Though there are many brands which make the same kind of pants. They are so confortable ! I love wearing clothes like that during Summer because the material is fluid and light. You are not all sweaty and sticky. And a pair of pants is a « go to », it elevates a look. My watch is from Guess, but since I bought it like 6 years ago, you probably can’t find the exact same one. But Guess makes many watches, and I am pretty sure that a model like this one exists. It’s not the most expensive watch I’ve seen, yet after 6 years it still works perfectly, so I very satisfied with it. I like wearing white when I’m a little bit tan, it makes me look more tan even if I’m quite pale on those photos…


To elevate myself a little bit more, I wore a pair of Minelli wedges. Wedges are my life, I buy 2/3 pairs each Summer ! The heel is 10cm high, but seriously it doesn’t feel like it. Very confortable, and you can wear them with a dress, a pair of jeans, pants… it’s versatile and atemporal, a safe value. They cost me more than 100E, but again the quality is amazing, they have 4 years and they look brand new. I bought this little bag last year, it’s small though you can put what’s necessary in it. I love the lavender color of it, and the shape looks like the Céline one.



I think I’ve told you everything about this look, I won’t mention my lingerie haha ! Let me know what you think about this outfit in the comments 🙂 And don’t forget that life worth to be lived, be open to everything, don’t let prejudices or fears take you down. Embrace yourself, live your dreams, and be happy ! XOXO.

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