Recipe serie #4 : healthy vegetarian pizza

Hello every one ! This is the fourth article of my serie about fewd. What would we be without it da ? I am really careful about what I eat, I am a vegeterian and allergic to dairy milk. You might be thinking « What the hell can she eat ? » Many things actually, I just had to adapt. I’ve made researches about alternative products to replace meat and milk, and I found tofu, which is rich in proteins, and vegetal milks such as soy or almond. I also try to consume organic products when possible. My alimentation is mainly composed by fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread, pastas, seeds, dry fruits, spices and so on. There are tons of different food despite the prejudices many have. Also, vegetarian people are often associated to a « revolutionnary / weird person » image. It’s not true. In fact, being vegetarian means caring about animals, about the planet, and our future.

Anyway, this could be the subject of another article, but today I will share with you the recipe of a vegetarian pizza, and I hope you will see that life without meat is possible.

Dough for Italian pizza preparation. Falling flour.

First, the dough. You can do it yourself, which is better, but if you don’t have time you can find gluten free and lactose free doughs in the supermarket. Though it’s more expensive, and a pizza dough doesn’t require much ingredients. So if you go for the homemade dough, here are the ingredients for 2 pizzas : 400g of flour, 25cl of water, 5g of active yeast, 2tps of salt. You can add a little bit of olive oil if the texture is too sticky, and a pinch of sugar will give it a little something. You will then have to knead the dough during 10min and let it rest in a large bowl  at room temprature for at least 6h. You have to be patient ! Then model it in the shape that you want, and put it in a preheat ovent at 250 C°. Depending on your oven it can take 10 or 20min to bake, so watch it very precautiously. It also depends if you prefer very baked pizzas or not. Don’t forget that it will have to bake with the ingredients on top !


Once you have the dough you can put anything that you like on top of it. But this one is vegetarian, so no egg, not chorizo, ham or whatever. Just vegetables, spices, and of course tomaoe sauce. You can do it yourlsef, it’s really simple : tomatoes, water, salt, sugar, basil. Put the tomatoes in boiling water with the rest of the ingredients untils its cooked and voilà.

Take your dough, put the tomatoe sauce, then add garlilc, onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, arugula salad, pepper, salt and hop to the oven ! You can take it out when the aspect of the pizza looks good for you. Enjoy it with a salad and a glass of Lambrusco ( an italian wine ). It’s an healthy meal, so now you can eat pizza without feeling guilty. Moreover, it proves that even with alimentary restrictions you can treat yourself. Also, you will have room for dessert, which is the most important. But the dessert will be the subject of another article, until then Buon Apetito !!!

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  1. Kayana dit :

    Très belles tes photos, ça donne envie de manger une pizza veggie 🙂


    1. Merci beaucoup ! On peut manger veggie tout en se faisant plaisir 🙂


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