Mother’s Day is in its way !

Hello guys ! In France Mother’s Day is on the 29th of May, so I thought it would be relevant to write an article about it. I believe that gifts for Mother’s Day should be personal, so exit the classic chocolate boxe and the cake. More over, she will be afraid to gain weight ! Kidding. More seriously, I truely believe that when it comes to offering a gift to your mother, especially when it’s for a day dedicated to her, it has to be intimate. A bouquet, perfume…this is nice, but unpersonnal.

Bouquet of flowers. Oil painting white, red and yellow roses flo

Since every one has a specific relationship with its mother, I can’t give specific ideas of gifts, though I wanted to share with you some leads in the hope that they will make you find something to please your mother.

First things first, like I said flower and chocolates are not ok. Most of the time when we say « personnal things » we think about a photos album, which is a good idea. But most of the time, mothers keep photos of their children so it’s sweet, but not original. That’s being said, if there was a specific event you know she wants to immortelize in photos, it’s the right moment to make an album.

Personnalized gifts are also a good idea. If she owns many jewels you can offer her one with an engraving so it would be a distinct jewel among the others. Avoid kitch things such as a mug or a cushion with a pic of yourslef on it. If she loves travelling, or if she would like to travel more, why not offering her a trip ? It has a cost, but there are for example the Smart boxes with a wide range of prices. A trip hasn’t got to be a hundred miles away. It just has to be insolit, different.

Love Is - Inscription For Wedding


If she likes music, dancing, theatre… have you thought about paying her classes ? And why not take these classes with her ? It would be a good way to share those moments just the two of you. If I were a good singer, I would have write her a song and sing it to her. But I’m a terrible singer haha So if your voice is like mine, a letter or a poem can be told. I love writting, and I have some lyrical thoughts sometimes. You can express your feelings through a manuscript letter or ake her a poem. With all this technology, virtual and unpersonnal things nowadays, no doubts that she will appreciate the gesture.

The mockup on wooden background with vintage old picture frame

Try to put yourself into the shoes of a mother : what would you like ? I know that love is a personnal feeling, and that the relationship between a mother and her daughter / son is special. It’s the kind oof visceral love that can break walls, it’s complicated, sometimes it hurts, but it hurts because it’s deep. Look inside the past you share with her, think about her personnality, her dreams, her thoughts… You will eventually find something to give her that would please her. Though, even a noodle necklace would make her happy haha

The point of my article was to make you understand that Mother’s Day is not like a birthday. You are celebrating your relationship with your mother, showing her your gratefulness for everything she has done for you. There is no right way to do it, no guide. It’s in you, think of her, of love, and you will find the perfect way to express your feelings. These are the best advices I can give you. I hope you liked this article, and that it will help you. I whish you the best, and a good Mother’s Day in advance. I will talk to you soon, XOXO.

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