Favorites of the month

Hello guys ! Since it’s the end of July I’ve decided to talk about random things I couldn’t live without this month. I wanted to make a  » Favorites of the month  » serie, but for the past few months I’ve been using almost the same things. But this months I’ve tested novelties and I thought it would be cool to share this with you in roder to make you discover things. I hope you will like my article and find it useful. Have a nice reading !

When I think about July 2015 the first thing that comes to my mind is ice tea. I’m not talking about the brand « Ice Tea », but about true cold teas. I’ve been drinking liters of ice tea this month it’s insane ! I love Arizona teas, but most of them contain added sugar, which isn’t a good thing in my opinion. The bottle at the extreme right is sugar free, but it’s the only one. I wish they wouldn’t put sugar in any of their bottles, but it’s not the case. For that reason I try not to drink too much of Arizona teas. Though their last ‘collection’ is made with 4 new flavors, and they are soooo good, my fave is the Mucho mango, because I’m crazy about mango.



Anyway like I said they add sugar so I had to find an alternative. I’ve discovered the Pierre Martinet Green Tea collection. It’s brand new, there are 3 flavors, and it’s sugar free, yeahhh ! But they are often out of stock in the supermarket, which is not surprising. Indeed I really like those, they are tasty and refreshing. One day I’ve drank the whole bottle in like an hour !


Now, you know that I’m crazy about make up, and a few weeks ago my mum came back with an insane thing : the YSL Tuxedo Palette.


When I saw this beauty the first thing I did was try it out. Colors are very pigmented, you can do sophisticated looks as well as every day one. Indeed, colors can seem impressive, but with the right amount of them it doesn’t look too much. You can easily achieve a day to night make up, that’s what I’ve done several times this month. If you’ve panned to go on a trip and you don’t want to take too many things with you just take this palette, a waterproof mascara and a moisturizing light pink gloss or lipstick and you’re done !

Last week I was in holiday in the île d’Oléron. In the hotel there was a SPA and swimming pools, which means getting tan. It can take hours, so it can be boring… My best occupation is reading ! I’ve bought every fashion magazines I could find : Marie-Claire, Vogue, Numéro, Grazia and so on. But I’ve also bought the last Mary Higgins Clark’s book : « The melody lingers on ». I havent’ finished it yet, but I really like Mary Higgins Clark’s books. Indeed, I’m a huge fan of thrillers and investigation books. I really like Dan Brown’s tomes with Robert Langdon as the main character.


During this month I’ve been shopping a lot, and one of the new things I’ve bought that I take everywhere is a new bag which looks like the Céline trapèze one. Of course it’s not a Céline, but I think it looks very ‘couture’. Mine is lavender, and I thought that for the summertime it’s a perfect color, it brings a pop of color but a soft one. I was looking for a small bag that I could carry all around, because my Michael Kors one is great, but it’s a tote, so king of big when you only need your wallet.


It looks like that but smaller, and it’s entirely in leather, there is no suede on it. Anyway, I’m in love with it and it didn’t cost that much.

My other fashion essential is this pair of shoes :


I bought in in Minelli, an Italian shoes and bags brand which I’m in love with. I bought this pair during sales, so it was worth it. Indeed, they were kind of expensive, but with the reduction they were more affordable. I fell in love with them at first sight. Their color is original and sweet, I’m a pastel addict. They are very comfy, the heal is not that high, and it’s thick so no risk to fall ahaha. I also really like the buckle and the golden detail on the heals, it gives them a sophisticated touch.

So this is it for this article ! Of course I’ve been using, wearing, liking other things, but these are the main ones, otherwise the article would be 20 pages ling, so it has to stop somewhere haha. Anyway, I will talk to you in my newt article, have a nice day !

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