Crêpes mania

Hello guys ! After yesterday’s article and my disclaimer about the increasing of the pitiful quality of services especially in restauration I’ve decided to take things in hand, and to cook myself ! During my holidays, the only plate that I’ve enjoyed eating is crêpe. It’s very appreciated in France, and it has crossed the frontiers. The practical thing about crêpes is that like pastas you can add pretty much anything in and on it. Good crêpes are the ones which are tasty even without filling. Orange blossom is my favorite aroma, and it’s the base of a good crêpe dough. When the crêpe is being baked all the scents are tenfold and your stomach starts to make noise. My favorite ingredient to add on crêpe is maple sirop. Indeed, I prefer it on crêpes than on pancakes, and on pancake what I like the most is figue jam. Anyway, lets go back to crêpes !


On the Ile d’Oléron there are plenty  » Crêperies et glaciers « , and to be honest it’s rare to fall on bad crêperies. Because they are « glaciers » too, on their menu you can go for a simple crêpe with sugar for the simplest ones, or nutella, maple sirop, jam, and the Ile d’Oléron specialty : caramel au beurre salé. Indeed, on the island they make salt, and they use it for everything, especially butter. And this very butter is used to make caramels. On the island you can find caramels au beurré salé everywhere ! They are in different shapes : sweets, and is the texture is smoother it becomes a topping.


So I was saying that you can go for « simple » things with your crêpes, but also fore more elaborated desserts. Indeed, you often see in crêperies’ menu ice cream. And guys, it’s a killing ! The contrast between the heat of the crêpe and the cold of the ice cream is just perfect. The ice cream is melting on top of the crêpe, a delight !


You can also add fruits, whipped cream, nuts and so on.


I really like the combo chocolate and coconut as well.


For a lightest treat you can go for fruits, but of course it’s tastier with whipped cream and ice cream haha


My brother took one filled with nutella and covered with whipped cream. The cream was melting all over the crêpe, but it did nit had time to melt entirely : he eaten his dessert in less than 2 min !


A crêpe is not as thick as a pancake, so it’s easier to eat. More over, it’s a French specialty, we eat it for the Chandeleur. It’s always convivial to make crêpes and I think that is a funny treat to cook with your family. Children love them, and growns up too. The only thing, 2 things actually, that bother me about this meal is that you have to let the paste rest for at least 2 hours, and it’s torture to wait to make them ! The other bad point is… to make them ! It’s very thin, and hard to return. It’s very fragile, and you have to be very careful not to break them. Wholes, dry edges, among other things, are the dangers of the realization of crêpes. But if the paste is well done the taste will be here anyway. The inconvenient is that if there are wholes in your crêpe it’s gonna be hard to fill it, especially if you want to add a liquid topping like maple sirop. But you can totally use a knife and a fork, cut pieces of crêpe and dip it in your sirop or chocolate, or anything you want, like a fondue.

I hope that you’ve liked reading this article, that you are now hungry and that you will make yourself crêpes, or go to a nice crêperie. If you make them on your own let your imagination guide you for the ingredients you want to add to it. You can also replace the orange blossom by any aroma that you want, depending on your tastes. So this is it guys, bon apétit !!

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