August is here !!!

Hello guys ! We are Monday, which means that a new week is beginning, but it’s also the first week of August, you know this month of the year when you’re kind of lost… Indeed, I’ve noticed that for most of people August is a turning point. We are in holidays, but we can’t enjoy it a 100% because next month is September, which means going back to school / work or whatever, and it’s stressing. In August we often are under the pressure, trying to make plans for the future, making the point about our past, but forgetting the present. So in the end August vacations are wasted instead of being optimized.

Dont’t get me wrong, I think it’s very important to have moments of reflexion about what we have achieve during the season, but when it keeps you away from sleep it has gone too far. I know what I’m talking about, I’m the kind of person who can’t stop thinking, and  believe me it’s exhausting ! But enough is enough, and I’ve decided to take a little bit of my time to think, to make the point, and to plan. The hardest part is then to let go, and to focus about anything but what you’ve just been thinking about. It requires to work on your self, but it’s liberator, and you can finally become a free spirit ready to enjoy holidays !

If I can give you some advices they would be to take a pen and a sheet of paper, then to write down things you’ve achieved during the past year, which goals you have reached, and the ones you haven’t. Then try to understand why you couldn’t reach them all. It’s a way to learn from the past and not to make the same mistakes in order to be more efficient.

Then, after dealing with your past tear the paper appart, or burn it, take a new paper and write what you want to do for the future. Try not to be too demanding about yourself, it would avoid you to be frustrated next year at the same period if you have failed to fulfilled everything you’ve planned. So fix credible goals, then fold the sheet of paper, put it in an envelop if you want to, and don’t touch it till next year. The action of folding it illustrates the fact that now your mind is clear, you can let go your anxiety and enjoy the moment.

I know it can seem easy to say, but it’s a self commitment that needs to be taken seriously, otherwise don’t get into it. This kind of « exercise » can help you to be more self confident, more organized and to have less regrets.

You can write about yourself, who you are, who you want to be, what you want to change about your personality, some handicapping flaws you need to work on, where you want to go to college, if the work you’re doing is blooming etc…

It’s also beneficial to think about our relationships. Indeed, during our lives we meet many people, some of them worth to be known, some others don’t, but it’s always too late when we figure this out haha. Anyway, my point is that you have to get rid of harmful and complicated relationships. August is the perfect time to make the point about your relationships because most of the time we are in holidays in different places of the world, and some people will keep asking news even if they are far away, and some will not. If your friends don’t call, well they are not true friends. Take the time to sort. It can be a sad work, and a disappointing one, but in the end it’s for the best. Try to think about people you will meet instead of those you met and were not worthy.

Once you’ve written everything you wanted to, and that you’re paper is fold, focus about you and only you. The only person you will spend you entire life with is yourself, so it’s important to love yourself, to be ok with who you are, even if it’s hard.

I know this article was not glamorous, but I think that it’s important to take time to talk about this kind of topic. Many of us get confused, lost, and are having a sad life. August is the most shining month, so let the sunshine in and rise.

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