Pastel et arc-en-ciel


Hello everyone ! Today’s article is focused on beauty. As the summer came up, it’s time to see what are the make up trends of the season. I’ve made a selection of different products which are in vogue for this summer. I hope you will like my article as well as the products I will show you, and that you will play with all the palettes of colors that exist. Nature is a source of inspiration, colors are everywhere, especially during the summer. You might think that with the heat, the pool, the sea, the sand etc… it’s not useful to wear make up, but I intend to prove that you’re wrong haha ! Enjoy the reading, and enjoy your summer holidays ! xoxo.


These two little cut things are from the summer make up collection from Dior. As you can see, it’s trendy to have pastel colors on you hands. I really love these because they are colorful but sweet at the same time. Indeed, Sunwashed is yellow, but not a neon one. It is soft, like the yellow on a lemon pie. If you are the kind of person who wants to wear more colorful things during the summer without looking like an arlequin that’s the perfect shade for you. Sunkissed is more wearable, a peachy color with coral and salmon undertones. I really like it because you can totally put it on for work, unlike Sunwashed which is more extravagant. Of course it also depends the kind of work you have. On tan / mat skins they pop up very nicely, a touch of joy on you nails !


Always in the Dior summer 2015 make up collection I’ve picked up an eyeshadow palette and a powder. Unlike what I was saying about the yellow nail polish, this palette totally makes me thing of an arlequin sweet !!


Anyway ! I didn’t mean to scare you. If you are a make up artist or if you like playing with colors this palette is perfect. Plus, they look very flashy, but even if they are pigmented if you take the right amount of color and if you smudged it out with a neutral shade it won’t look outrageous. It depends of your personality, the kind of make up you like, but sometimes it’s good to escape from your comfort zone and try new things, so why not this palette hum !

For the powder I things it’s just perfect for the summer. It’s not just a blush, just an highlighter of just a terra-cotta. It’s all of them but in one single product. That’s why I really love it. You just need a powder brush, and hop a little bit of it on your cheeks and it’s like a sun kiss !


Moving on to the Chanel summer collection. This photo is extract from the campaign, and I really love the make up of the model. It’s totally wearable and yet ha has purple on her eyes ! Yes yes yes, purple ! She is wearing this eyeshadow pencil :


It’s awesome because it takes one second to apply it and it’s waterproof, so perfect for the summertime ! It will make any kind of eye color pops out.


This nail polish is called Méditerranée, like the sea, and I think it’s the perfect name. Indeed, it reminds me of the color of the water when I was on the French Riviera. A dose of holidays dream to wear !


Always in the blue shades but with Dolce&Gabbana this time. There are different shades of blue, one is greyish, the other more flashy and the last one is a very dark blue. This palette of shades gives you the choice to pick up the right one depending on what you are looking for.


This eyeshadow palette matches perfectly the nail polishes. There is a light shimmery beige which is beautiful, and the baby blue color is so cute ! In my opinion these are not extravagant colors, I would wear them for the day time, though with this darkest color you can do a smoky eye. This quadro is perfect because you can use it for any kind of occasions.


This duo is really sweet, colors are not agressive, the dosage of pigmentation is remarkably done.

Dolce&Gabbana summer 2015make up collection is completely inspired by the Majolica  blue print which their SS 2015 collection is made upon. I love every D&G collections, but this summer one is one of my favs.


So beautiful, elegant, like Chinese porcelaine… Any way this is not a fashion article haha ! Next one maybe, I’ll see. So this is it for this article guys !! Try to wear the summer on your face, on you nails, YOLO, so enjoy time you have playing with all the colors the world is made of !


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