Smoothie recipes for the summer

Hello guys ! The following days will be very hot in France, especially in the South West where I live. In order to refreshed and rehydrate myself to stay alive I’ve been making myself smoothies. I love making smoothies, especially since I’ve bought my blender. I’ve tried many recipes and I love them all, though some of them taste better than others. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes, so here they are ! 🙂


This is the only recipe made with vegetables. The first time I’ve heard about green smoothies I wast like « whaaaat, people actually drink kale, spinach and other thongs mixed together ! « . And yes, they do. I was very skeptical but I’ve decided to try it, and it was less disgusting than I expected haha. I’ve putted cucumber, kiwi, green apple, kale and green lemon. For the quantity of vegetables to mix together it depends on your tastes, and the quantity of smoothie you want. It was very refreshing, the texture was like a gaspacho ( the cold soup from Latinos countries ). You can add ice in it when it’s very hot. Plus, it adds vegetables to your system, so vitamins, energy, oligo elements, and so on. It’s very nutritive and very healthy.


There is also kiwi in this smoothie, but no vegetables at all ! I’ve chosen to add coconut milk ( I loooove coconut ), banana and ice. Indeed, the banana is a very consistent fruit, so to make my smoothie more smooth and less « mashy » I’ve added ice. Texture was thick but drinkable, and more important delicious.


This is more a classic recipe, made with strawberries and banana, but it always work. I’ve added an apricot and delayed it with soy milk and ice.


This one was very exotic : mango, passion fruit and ananas. I love every fruits, but especially the exotic ones ( papaya, goyave and so on ). The must is when they are together haha. So I’ve mixed them and it was a killing ! I think I’ve drunk almost a liter haha ! It was a very hot day sooooo smoothie time was like all the time.

I love making smoothies because you can put anything you want in it. You just have to be careful because it can be either delicious either disgusting. You have to experiment recipe, let your imagination be your guide. With all the fruits and vegetables that exist there are so many possible combinations ! You can also add spices, or mint, almonds etc… I would like to try papaya, watermelon, coconut milk and little bit of banana… Oh I must leave you I will try that right away, I’m so thirsty !!!!

I hope you’ve liked this article and that you will try those recipes home, but also experiment new ones and find YOUR smoothie. Have a nice day, and enjoy your summer ! xoxo

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