My first brunch


Hello guys ! This article wasn’t planned, but after what happened westerday I couldn’t not write something about it. So yesterday I went to Bordeaux with my parents, we were looking for an apartment for me. Noon rang as we were near of the Hôtel de Ville. We woke up early so our stomachs started to make weird noises. So we were looking for a nice quite place for lunch, and it led us to a little street called Rue des Remparts. I saw a place with the word  » brunch  » on it, I knew it was where we would eat. Indeed, I’ve been eager to brunch for months, I mean a real brunch, but the occasion never showed up. My parents agreed to eat there, even though my father was skeptical. He loves food and when he saw the menu with lots of vegan and organic food, and the amount of different salads he told me  » You want me to eat grass or what !  » You can’t imagine his face when he read that they were making a plate with cheese and delicatessen haha ! My mom and I ordered the country brunch, and guys it has been a long time since I’ve eaten that much !!



Their brunch is composed with a hot and a cold drink, muesli with nature yogurt, a basket of bread slices, honey, butter, jams, spreads, a viennoiserie, and a salad with ham and cheese. I’ve taken a soy cappuccino, an orange pressed juice, a pain aux raisins, and the waitress brought us two jams : apricot and raspberry, and a spread made with milk and white chocolate. I am vegetarian so I gave the ham to my father, and I wanted to eat only sweet things so I also gave him my cheese ( it was Conté in case you’re wondering ). I have issues with milk so I didn’t try the spread, though my parents loved it. On the other hand I thing that I’ve eaten the half of the jar of the apricot jam haha ! It was delicious ! The granola was amazing too, but it was served on top of a yogurt. And as I don’t eat food with lactose I gave it to my mom. You’re probably thinking that I gave half of my brunch to my parents, but I’ve eaten almost the entire basket of bread with jam and honey, and the pain aux raisins was so excellent that I’ve ordered another one ! Pressed juice was very tasty and the soy cappuccino as well.       I love cappuccinos but with my lactose intolerance I wasn’t able to drink some for months, until yesterday when I found this amazing place where they make soy drinks, organic and vegan plates. They make everything themselves, it’s like a bakery actually.

The country brunch costs 22 Euros, it’s respectable. Indeed, you can have as many bread slices as you want, you have jars of jams and honey on the table, not samples, and it’s very complete. Even my father who was afraid to be starving after lunch has eaten more than I did ! He concede that it was delicious and that he had eaten very well, he wasn’t hungry at all anymore. My mom really enjoyed her brunch as well. She’s careful about her weight and what she eats, and she was very happy to find a place where you can eat as much as you want with feeling guilty. There were only healthy food with clean products, so calories are not a problem in this kind of situation !

Oh but wait… I think that I’ve forgotten something… Ah the name of the place maybe ! I’m kidding, of course I thought about giving it to you, I just wanted to light on your curiosity a bit ! It’s Le Pain Quotidien !


It’s a Belgian sign. It worked so well that i now has plenty places all around the world : Belgium, France, USA, Argentina and so on. I’ve heard about this place before but I didn’t know there was one in Bordeaux, and I didn’t expect it to be that good. Moreover, the waiters were very nice. I will go back there for sure, and maybe try one of their salads this time.

I hope you liked this article and that it made you hungry. If you have the occasion to go somewhere where there is a Pain Quotidien I really recommend it to you. If you have prejudice about all the organic / vegan lobby I understand, but even if you don’t care about organic stuff and if you’re not vegan you will find something to eat, and you won’t be disappointed.

Bon appétit !!




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