Beauty crush !! 

Hello guys ! Today I will talk to you about my go to beauty products of the moment !

To begin with I will talk about my favorite scrub ever : Glamglow !


They’ve started with these two products, and it was a blast. My preference goes to the white one, I like the texture more, and the result on my skin is better. These products are amazing, when you take it off your, skin is so smooth, it gives you a brand new skin. But I’m warning you : when you have the product on your face you are ridiculous. Make sure that no one will see you ;). The brand was so successful that it created two more products, one in a blue jar and lately a green one. These products are quite pricy, but they totally worth it. And you don’t have to apply a lot of product when you use it. So it lasts for a long time – depending on how often you used it. Don’t apply this product more than three times a week. It could be dangerous. And don’t forget to carefully close it, otherwise it will dry and become inefficient.

The other beauty product I’ve been using like all the time those past few weeks is the Clarins éclat minute.

It’s like a lip balm, but 100 times more moisturizing, and the principal ingredient is oil. The orange one contains honey, and the pink one jojoba oil. I’ve tried them both, and I prefer the honey one. They both smell amazing : honey and raspberry. These products are pricy too, but you don’t need much, and I’ve really seen the difference since I use them ! My lips are softer, and not dry anymore. If your lips are really damage, these two little boys are what you need.

I love everything that smells good, so when I’ve smelled those wll I bought them !


The brand cottage sells the best shower gels ever ! They all smells sooooo good it’s incredible ! They also contain milk so they are really moisturizing. I haven’t tested them all but so far I haven’t been disappointed ! Your body smells delicious, and your bathroom is invaded by fruits and sweets. You can find them in the drugstore so theses are not pricy products.

Now I wanted to talk to you about my favorite make up products of the moment. I will start with the Make up Forever brushes.


Everyone has been talking about the real technique brushes, and yes they are excellent, but they are not my favs. Makes up forever ones are. They are really soft, they blend very well, when it comes to foundation the brushes doesn’t absorb it, it desnt leave marks on your skin, they are easily washable, they exist under Manu different shapes, they are used by professionals for shootings, shows, runways, movies, ads, tv etc.. So they are reliable products. Bad point : the price. I think it’s like 30 Euros the brush. But you can buy them by pack, so in the end it’s less expensive to buy a set of brushes than buy them one by one. And it’s not because you are not a professional of make up that you can’t have good products. You don’t need them all of course, but a foundation, a powder, and a blending brushe are a good start kit.

Then, the lipsticks I’ve been wearing all the time : Yves Saint Laurent volupte shine.


They are one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever bought. They are both pigmented and moisturizing. So don’t freak out , even the darkest ones aren’t that dark. You can wear them during day time as we’ll as for a night out, they will never look outrageous. Plus, they smell and taste delicious –  although I’ve never eaten one of them. They exist under manyyyyy tones, so no matter your skin tone and what kind of color you like to wear you will fond your happiness in the collection ! The packaging is incredible, luxury in a tube !

My go to palettes are the urban decay ones.

I know it’s not very original, everyone ows them, talk about them… So I won’t write a huge paragraph about them, I just wanted to mention them. Those palettes are pricy, but finally not that much considering that it’s really pigmented, it lasts all day ( or all night ), you have many eye shadow in one palette, you can do pretty much every single make up possible. So if you don’t have one urban decay palette I recommend it to you. I have them all, and my favorite is the naked 2. No matter what your eye color is, every eyeshadow will suit you. I really love the Vice 3 too, even though it’s more complicated to use it considering that the eyeshadows are brighter and more colorful, but I like using it, it’s like a challenge, each time I’m like  » how am I going to use you ??  » and I always figure it out !


They’ve also made palette when the film The great Oz came out, the Theodora palette ( the dark one ) is my fave.

To finish, I wanted to talk about nail polishes I’ve been using the most lately : the Diorific by Dior.


This is their last collection , it came out at the end of 2014.  Colors are festive but at the same time I think they are wearable at any time of the year. They are really pigmented, the packaging is beautiful, they are classy, elegant, like you when you wear them. It’s Dior so it’s expensive, but a nail polish lasts for a long time, and you can please yourself time to time.

U hope this art lie will help you to discover new products. I know that most of then are pricy, and I don’t want to push any of you to buy them, at least try them. And you can find equivalent products but at a more abordable price. But if you have plan to invest in products of quality, I recommend those to you ! Make up is a way for me to express myself and to be lore comfortable with my own face, but true beauty comes from the inside. 100 coats of foundation won’t bring a mask on you, don’t be ashamed of who you are, stay natural, be yourself. And you will be beautiful.



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