Mon amour 


As you can see according to the picture, I’m not going to talk about my love for a man, but for Maison Laduree. I fell I love with this Maison years ago, and I can’t get enough ! Thankfully I don’t live in Paris, otherwise I would be eating macarons and patisseries all day !! They make the best pastries in the world ! And it’s not just about they creations, it’s also about their image. Indeed, everything they make is beautiful. The packaging of the boxes, the desserts themselves, the boutiques, the pictures they post, not to mention the numerous collaborations they’ve made : Louboutin, Galliano, Nina Ricci, Pharell Williams, Nespresso, Lanvin… and lately Emilio Pucci !


They make pretty much everything : macarons, pastries, chocolates, tea, Champagne, honey, marmalade, biscuits, candles, bag accessories and so on !! They’ve also published many books. The inside of their boutique on the Champs Élysées is beyond reality ! It’s so rafinated ! And the way products are presented, you want to buy them all !!!


Laduree is famous for its tea time, no matter where you are in the world, and your culture, Laduree tea time is universal. It spreads something that everyone would feel good about. This serenity, the feeling that you can finally take time for yourself, enjoy a treat, being in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful things.


You feel like a king or a queen. The monarch of the moment. Your moment. Not surprising if they are known all around the world, and if the Maison exits since 1862.

A few years ago, Laduree started its Merveilleuses line. They created beauty products which are on sale on the Sephora Champs Élysées. They sell make up and products for the skin.


Once again everything I beautifully done, cameos, roses, dots, flowers… It’s feminine and elegant, like Parisian women.

The Maison is so famous that it cooked everything you seen in the film Marie Antoinnette of Sofia Coppola.

By the way, they named one of their creation Marie Antoinette, and it’s one of their most notorious cake. It’s mostly used for receptions. But it also exist under an impndividual portion.

Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen ??? I want this for my birthday !!!!!!! And this too :


Iam being unrealistic ?? He’ll yeah ! But that’s what they sell !! Greatness, luxury, they make you dream ! It’s they mark of fabric, a strategy to stay number one. But hey, let’s be honest, they deserve it.

I don’t know if this article will be interesting for you, but it’s my blog and the point is to share my passions, my interest, my interrogations, my tips etc… And Maison Laduree represents everything I love about being French, it makes me proud of my country, this Savoir Faire is impressing. Anyway, I hope that you will try one of this things because guys, you will scream, and become addicted ! And don’t forget to take time for yourself, to enjoy life and what it offers. If you don’t take the opportunities when they come to you, you might have no other chance.


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