Finding the way 

Hey guys ! I just wanted to write a short article about life. Yeah I’m feeling like a bit philosopher these days ! 

The truth is that these last months have the worse I’ve ever been through, and now I’m finally seeing the light. I won’t talk about what happened to me, no point in complaining, and I don’t want to share too much either, there must be a balance between what’s private and what can be published. Anyway. It seemed important to me to wite a few lines about life and how much it’s hard to live it. 

We all have our problems, our personal issues, our desilusions, our dreams, our heart aches… As human beings share the same condition, but we also are isolated from each other. Its hard to find support in loneliness. When all you want, all you need is a companion, a friend, someone, but here you are, on your own. You must remember that we all are lonely, even when we are surrounded by people. We are stuck on our phones screens, we have headphones, so even when the bus or the street or whatever is crowded, we are in our world, apart from each other. We have many ways to communicate, yet we don’t talk, we don’t understand each other anymore. In this explosion of the mass media, consomation, information, telecommunication etc… We have lost our marks, we have difficulties to filter informations we have access to.

We have to find a way out. A way back to each other. I thought the reason why I wasn’t feeling good because I didn’t know what to do with my life, but after I’d pass my exam and was accepted in a great private school I’ve realized that my orientation wasn’t responsible. It was loneliness. I was alone, left with no one, and that was the reason why these have been hard times. So I’ve started to question myself :   » Why am I alone ? I am too shallow ? Not interesting ? Maybe I’ve a problem… « . But feeling guilty, thinking that I was the problem, it didn’t help at all. I felt worse. So I put in question lots of things and came to the conclusion tang yes, I have weakness, but society consulates itself, and I was a casualty. Since I’ve realized that, I’m trying hard to fight every single day. To fight for a better life, with more justice, rights, equality, peace, order, and more sociability ! We must open our eyes. We are killing our souls, our minds. We dony think by ourselves anymore. I don’t want to fall into this whole, I want to rise, to stand up, to be listened, understood, to have people by my side. We need compassion, sympathie, human warmth. We need to be a family. 

I believe in human race, I believe in time, I believe in life, and I believe that a better world is possible. Amd maybe I’m being naive, but I hold on to this hope that one day we will see happiness in someone’s eyes, and that this spark will light the fire of humanity that’s waiting in our hearts. 

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