Fashion and inspiration 

It’s fashion weeks’ time ! After New York, London and Milano it’s time for Paris to shine ! I wanted to talk a little bit about my pasion for fashion, how it helped me, and how it inspires me every day.

My mum always had a sense of fashion, so since I am a little girl I am used to care about what I wear. I was changing my outfit at least twice a day, when I came back from school I was running to my bedroom, take of my school uniform, and put a dress on, a pair of shoes with tiny tiny heels, and lots of jewels ( most of the time pearls ). As was growing up, I stopped doing this and I’ve started to feel unconfident about myself. Being a teenager was very hard for me. I was feeling trapped in a body that wasn’t mine. I started to believe that no matter was I was wearing I was the same ugly girl. I didn’t care about my appearence as much as I used to.

But one day, like 5 years ago, I was watching tv ( not a reference I know ), and a film changed my life. It the Devil wears Prada.

Have you guys seen this movie ??? It’s insane right ? I mean it’s soooo amazing ! Plus I love Meryl Streep, she’s one of my favorite actress. Anyway. This movie literally changed me ! It made me realize how much fashion is important in our society, it defines the way people see us, but most important it represents who we are. No matter if you’re a size 0 or a size 4, a brunette or a blond, tall or small, the most important is being in harmony with your body, to feel confident. Fashion can empower you, allow you to become whoever you want to be. At least it helped me. I started to be more careful about what I was wearing, depending of my morphology. I also started to put make up on. Not a lot because I was like 14 years old, so just a little bit of mascara and concealer.

Anyway. The message I want you to get is that fashion industry is very harsh, we always see wonderful models, super skinny and super tall, or fashion bloggers attending to every huge designers shows, sleeping in palaces and eating at Restaurants gastronomiques. It makes me dream ! But that isn’t real life. In real life people don’t feel confident about themselves. In real life not everyone can afford a Chanel dress or a Fendi Bag. In real life people want to be recognize for who they are. But to achieve that you have to find yourself. And that’s the hardest. And that’s where fashion helped me. Despite everything I said. Indeed, I’ve realized that there were things about fashion that was about selling dreams to people, all the marketing/ branding side. But there is another side of fashion a side which helped me to emancipate, to become myself, and to feel good with who I am.

I am always uptake about what is going on in fashion industry, trying to find inspiration, and to see its evolution. I m not the kind of girl who follows fashion trends, trends fade away. The only thing which never dies is style. ( CF Coco Chanel ). Now I feel so much better, I know what thongs I can wear according to my body, how to make up depending on my hair and eyes color, and guess what ? Sometimes when I look at the mirror I find myself good looking ! Don’t let yourself go, don’t imagine that you’re worthless or ugly or fat. Society imposes us a way of life that doesn’t feet with each being on this planet ! Just remember that trying to look like someone else won’t help you. Focus on yourself, and let it go !

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