Every day is women day 

Today we are Sunday the 8th of March and it’s the international day of woman rights. You can’t imagine how sad I am to know that this day still exists. It. Earns that women’s rights are not recognized, that we still considered and treated as inferior as men. We are in 2015. Gender equality shouldn’t be debated anymore. It should be a granted right. But it’s not. Our so called modern societies pay women less than men for the same job. There are just a few CEOs who are women, high level jobs are occupied in majority by men, too many woman are victims of sexism, discrimination and violence. And we are here, one more here, talking and talking, but nothing concrete is done. We still earn less, rape rate is increasing, for example in India where a woman is considered as responsible when she’s raped. In Africa where excision is a tradition, so why forbid it ?

Fight for equal rights between men and women is an endless fight. For centuries, if it’s not more, women have been treated like if they were stupid, inferior, unable to think by themselves. One of my favorite figure of women’s rights warrior is Olympe de Gouges.

She was born in 1748 in the south west of France. Her most famous piece is  » Declaration of the rights of women and the female citizen  » published in 1791. The title means everything. Guess what happened to her for fighting for women’s rights ? She was beheaded in 1793.

Another writer who is in my opinion one of the greatest feminist of the 20th century is Simonde de Beauvoir. She was born in 1908 in Paris and she died in 1986.

One of her most famous book is  » Le deuxième sexe  » published in 1949. In this book she talks about how it’s like to be a woman, about the fact that our education is different from the boys’, and about how it feels like to be trapped in a sexist society where it’s very complicated for a woman to emancipate.

A political figure now. Simone Veil. She was one of the rare women memeber of National Assembly. She fought for abortion and in 1974 Parliament voted the  » Loi Veil  » which legalizes abortion and  makes it easier for a woman and a surgeon to do it. She was critiqued by everyone, especially by men, they were mocking her and insulting her because of her gender. Now, 40 years after, her law is still in vigor, she’s member of the French Academy, and she’s one of the most respected figure in France.

In a more recent period I wanted to talk brief ly about the actress Emma Watson’s commitment I’m the association He for She. She made a speech at the UN  last year. I’ve seen it and I think that it was a very relevant and touching speech.

Even more recent, Patrica Arquette’s speech two weeks agof during the Oscars ceremony.

In this article I wanted to pay tribute to every women in the world. Our lives aren’t as easy as men’s who think they are superior. Most of them are our rulers, they talk about equality, about modernity, but nothing concrete is done to allow us a life with the same possibilities and the same rights than them. Wage, rape, violence, discrimination, education, high responsibilities jobs and so on, there are still too many things that need to be done. I can’t wait to see the time when the international day of women’s rights won’t exists anymore. This time when we will be treated as human as well. We talk about this issue once a year. What about the other 364 other days ? Feminists are considered as a pain in the ass. But every one should be a feminist. Every one should think that it’s normal for a woman to be treated as equal as a man.

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