Discovery of the month ! 

Today I am going to talk about food. Yeah food. We are all obsessed by our appearence, our weight, we want to be in shape etc… I am someone who loves to eat, but I am very careful about what I eat. A few weeks ago I was doing my herands and I saw something with looks like noodles ( good knows I would die for pastas, thank you to my Italian origins ). So I came closer to that… Thing, and it wasn’t exactly what I expected. 

It was indeed a pack of noodles, but not common noodles. It was Konjac noodles. I’ve never heard that word before, so I was intrigated and decided to buy one of these fake noodle stuff. It looks like this : 

It smells like fish, so you have to rinse it very we’ll before puting it in boiling water for 2 minutes. It doesn’t really taste anything, so you can cook pretty much everything you want with it. The great thing about those noodles is that they contain almost no calories ! Around 10 kcal for 100g ( it depends of the brand ). After you’ve cooked them it looks like that : 

Plain white noodles. It’s a little bit sticky, but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve cooked they with meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, spices, and all kind of sauces ( coconut and mustard, curry, tomatoes and basilica, bolognese ). Because there are almost no calories, you can please yourself with many ingredients ! No guilt at all !!! 

You can also find Konjac which looks like rice, or bigger pastas. So you can do risottos, wok, chineses soups, Italian recipes such as carbonara and so on ! It literally changed my life ! I eat it almost every day, once with meat and vegetables, once with fish and a mustard sauce, or even with escargots ! ( I am French haha ). It’s very important to change the ingredients, and not to eat every day the same thing. The secret to stay in shape is to exercise, to eat reasonably without feeling guilty,  to vary your meals, and to let yourself go time to time ! 

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