Je suis Charlie


Where do I start ? As a French citizen I can’t find any words to express how I feel … And I assume that any citizen of the world can Be concerned by what happened in Paris. It’s a despicable act of terrorism. A massacre which killed 12 people and made lots of casualties. Charlie Hebdo is a satiric journal, the point of its existence is to mock everything and everyone in order to make people think, and put politicians back to earth. But on this 7th January 2015, two men attacked the seat of Charlie Hebdo because of one of the drawing they made in 2011. It was a caricature of Mahomet. But apparently some people don’t understand what freedom of speech and freedom of the press mean. Those extremists killed 12 people because according to them « God is great « . What greatness is that ?? Greatness of human stupidity perhaps. But using God to commit such atrocities will lead to amalgam and hatred. They want to divide our society, especially in those economic and social hard times. But the only way to face them is if we face them together, as a Nation, but also as a whole. This whole is the one constituted by every single free spirit on this earth. We must stand together, protect democracy, protect freedom, and protect ourselves.
Paris, such beautiful city, you don’t feel safe those days …
I was touched to see those meetings every where in France, but also in the world. It’s a way to honor the memory of those who died and to fight against terrorism, not by using violence, but by using our humanity. It’s something that unite human beings behind their nationality, their origins and their religion. They don’t believe in god. They believe in chaos. We must believe in freedom and in democracy.
No one can undo what happened, but we can act to make sure something line that won’t happen again.


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