Make up to stand out


Yesterday I shared with you my favorite fragrances. Today, I wanted to talk about make up, especially about the three products have been using the most for the last few weeks.

First of all, the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. My mom offered me this palette for a little bit more than a month, and think that almost every make up I’ve done since was by using this palette. Indeed, you have an amount of colors that allows you to create a different make up every day. I’ve been playing with this palette, and tried to match my make up with my outfit. You have so many tones, and all of them are amazingly pigmented. When I first saw the purple, green and blue tones I was like  » How am I going to use that ??  » but with a little bit of imagination and self confidence you can create beautiful and outstanding looks !


The nail polish I’ve been using the most is the Diorific Gold equinox. How can I describe it ? It looks like melted gold ! It’s so beautiful ! When I saw it, I don’t know, I was amazed by the elegance of the packaging, and of course the golden color of it. Two coats are imperative to obtain a good result, and a top coat will make it shiner.


There is nothing more to say. Really, so magnificent.

Last but not least, my favorite lipstick has been the Sisley Rouge a levres hydratant in the color L18. It’s a lipstick, but also a moisturizer, and it lasts for hours. The one I have is in brow tones and it has some gold glitters in it. Yeah I know, I’m addicted to gold .. The glitters don’t feel so weird on the lips, and they don’t go way at all. It gives it a really soft and classy shiny side without being too much. It’s, in my opinion, wearable for an every day look, and of course it’s totally appropriate for a night out.


You can’t really see the details on the picture, so if you have the occasion to see it for real, just do it.

This is it guys. I hope this article would give you some ideas, particularly in this sale period, and that it convinced you that you can try different things on, that you don’t have to be afraid of having a too dramatic look, everything is about balance. So don’t step back in front of gold and colored things ! Try them on !

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