Mes péchés mignons


I know it’s been a long time since I haven’t post an article. But with what was going on in France my mind was somewhere else. Anyway, I decided it was time for me to write something again. Today’s article is going to be about three things that I love : macarons, chocolats, champagne !

I wouldn’t be a real French girls if I didn’t like macarons right ?
I am one of those who prefer sweet food, so I’ve tested lots of different pastries. But I will always remember my first macaron ! It wasn’t the kind of macaron you see everywhere, it was the simplest thing I’ve ever seen :


Yep. At first sight it’s not attractive. But I tasted it and .. Well.. It was so delicious !!! The base of this biscuit is almond, it’s very crunchy and tasty, it’s simple but true. Since that time I’ve an obsession with macarons, and of course I’ve discovered macarons from Laduree. Maison Laduree is my favorite place to buy pastries, chocolates and macarons obviously.


Everything is so elegant, it’s not just a pastry, a chocolate or a macaron. It’s a master piece. And the taste, the quality of the ingredients and of the products are there. Plus, each packaging is so beautiful ! You want to buy it without even knowing what’s inside !!!

As I said earlier, chocolates are my second peche mignon. And of course Laduree’s are delicious.


Les Marquis de Laduree are one of the best chocolates I’ve eaten, even though in Switzerland and Belgium they make the best chocolates in the world : Lindt, Favarger, Leonidas, Godiva and so many others. But in France we also have our shining stars like Fauchon, Lenotre or Pascal Caffet.

Last but not least : champagne. What would Life be without it ? No I’m not an alcoholic, I don’t even like alcohol, but champagne is not only a type of wine, it’s an elixir.
Of course some of them taste awful, but you just have to try a champagne of good quality, and you don’t have to spent 1000$ for that. To guide you I’ve selected three of my favorites :




Veuve Cliquot is a classic. Yes it’s pricy but it worth it. You can allow yourself to buy this kind of bottle during Christmas holidays or for a special event such as an anniversary or a special rendez-vous.
A little less expensive : Canard Duchene. The Brut is the best one. It’s a champagne of very quality and the price is not crazy. Its a good way to please yourself without cracking your portfolio.
Then, you have the Demoiselle rosé, from Chateau Vranken. The taste is very different from the two other champagnes because this one is rosé. It’s my favorite ! Indeed, as I said I’m a the kind of person who like sweet things, and the fact that it’s not just a Brut champagne but a champagne rosé changes everything. It’s very fruity, softer, but be careful ! It’s so fruity that you don’t have the impression to drink alcohol, but you are.
( And in any cases drinking alcohol must be in special occasions and in a respectable quantity ).

So this is it for today ! I hope that you will test those little precious things which are macarons and chocolates, ( why not with a cup of champagne, but just one, it’s important to be careful ) and that you will feel in love with French Savoir Faire which makes me proud of being French.

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