Baguette is not only a French cliché ( nor a Fendi bag )

Bonjour guys ! As I was coming out of the Boulangerie, my hand filled with two freshly baked baguettes, I passed in front of the florist window and saw my reflection. I was so stunned by my own beauty that I thought it would be a shame not to take pictures of myself and share them. I AM KIDDING, obviously haha ! Though I really ended up taking pics of my OOTD in front of the florist, holding two baguettes. Anyway, here’s the outfit :


Maybe I was inspired by the Jeanne Mas’ song of « En rouge et noir », who knows, but I ended up wearing a red and black outfit. I think those colors always work together. And because the devil not only wears Prada, but hides in the details, even the sunnies are red and black. They are Ray Ban, classic ones, it suits every one : both men and women, and never goes out of style. So yes it costs more than 100E, but it’s timeless and good quality. It’s one of those pieces you can safely invest it. Still in the details, the white vertical stripe on the pants is a good way to elongate your silouhette, especially if like me you are a petite. Plus, it breaks the dark side of the look, and it would have been weird to be entirely black from the hips to toes.

The pants are from Zara, they cost me around 45E. The material is light and flexible, very comfortable and tailored. Black pants are something you should have in your closet, it’s an all time safe piece. Tip N°2 : tight your hair up will free your neck and make you appear taller. Make sure to have a straight posture, not only for the « taller effect », but because it’s important for your back, unless you want to be hunchbacked at 30 years old. Though « Le Bossu de Notre-Dame » is a classic, Quasimodo never ends up having Esmeralda.

Another thing I like to do is to superpose clothes. The red Zara top that I’m wearing is over a plain black t-shirt, because yes we are in June, but the morning those pics were taking it was very chilly outside. So if you want to wear S/S clothes but you’re reluctant because of the weather, put something plain under, and voilà ! Shoes are also from Zara, I like the fact that the heel is large, you don’t have the impression of wearing heels so it’s more comfortable. The pointy toe, though it’s elegant, ends up by hurting the toe after some hours, which is not appreciable. Heels are a good way to elevate a look and to seem taller. This pair is in leather and it didn’t cost me that much, around 75E.

I know it’s almost an entire Zara look, but I own many clothes from this store because it’s affordable, some pieces are really of quality, and the collections follow the trends of the défilés. Sometimes I even wonder if it’s not copying other brands, because let’s be honest : some of their pieces look alike what we see on the catwalk. For exemple, one of the Zara’s bag was similar to the Chloé one, and a pair of shoes looked like an Aquazzura’s.

That’s being said, it’s not counterfeit because the name is not the one of the other brands, and it’s not a 100% the same clothe / accessory. The good point is that it allows people like me who can’t afford a 450E pair of shoes or a 1.500E bag to have similar pieces. It’s a way to democratize fashion and I think it’s honorable. Of course there is the marketing side of it, which is major since Zara is implanted all over the world. But if it’s such successful it’s not without reasons. Do you like Zara ? I’m interested in knowing your opinion about the cost of clothes in general and if  you think their price is justify. It could be a good subject of debate. Let me know if you would like me to write an article about the real cost of clothes considering the production, the market and so on.


The bag is from Minelli, 100% leather, very good quality, and the size is perfect. You can throw many things in it, and god knows that we never have enough space in a bag, expect if you are Mary Poppins. I often have this bag because it goes with anything, and also because I don’t like changing my bag often : I always end up loosing things in the transfer…

This is it for this article, I hope you liked this outfit. Oh and by the way, baguettes were delicious, I love being French haha ! Do you like French food ? I wish you a very good day,I talk to you soon, bye guys !

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