My wishlist is not for sale

Bonjour guys ! Today is the beginning of the Summer sales, which means that there will be many injuries. It scares the hell out of me when I see those images / videos of people queuing for hours before the opening of a store, holding their breath and waiting for the doors to open, and then GO ! They run, bump into each others, tear clothes appart…

Since I’m a pacific person ( or maybe its cowardice ), I prefer purchasing online during this violent period ( my comments are humorous ). I’ve spotted a few articles that I wish to have not only in my cart on the website, but in my hands. Though even during sales some items are still very expensive, I tried to find alternative pieces inspired by the ones I would like to have if I could.

. My Iphone doesn’t like to be naked :

This golden Iphone case is so adorable don’t you think ? But so expensive haha It costed 475E, now it’s at 285, which is still very expensive. It’s only an iPhone case, I don’t really understand how they justify the price. Ok it’s in leather and ok it’s made with crystals but still… Anyway, if you can afford it lucky you ! But if you can’t, there are other D&G Iphone cases for 75E.

I really like this one, red roses are immortal, and daisies are so lovely flowers. I also find the little rectangular golden detail very refined. It’s discreet, not too bling bling, opposed to the first one which has many ornements. I’m afraid it will be sold off very quickly, so check on websites such as or NetAPorter.


. What time is it please ?  

Michel Herbelin is a French watchmaking brand which exists since 1947. They make beautiful pieces, but very expensive ones. My heart melt when I saw this golden piece on the left, with roman numbers. It’s so chic and feminine, but so expensive…

Here’s a link where you can find the watch for 621E, it’s the less expensive offer I’ve found, some were above 700E, though I personally can’t afford it anyway :

If  you wish to have a watch of quality but for an affordable price, I recommend you the brand Fossil. I’ve putted two of my favorites models just above, and here’s the link towards their website, so you can look the different models that have. There are metallic watches, some others are in leather, there are for every taste, and it’s good to have the choice !

. Hum, you smell so good ! What is you perfume ? 

Perfume is not an accessory, it’s the final touch that gives you something more. Appearance is important, we put make up on, we wash our hair… But our scent means a lot about ourselves. Each fragrance reacts in its own way depending on the skin of the person. It’s unique, like us, and it should represent what we want to express, how we want people to see us. It’s complicated to find the one that suits you the most. We all have been in this situation when someone passes behind us with too much perfume on and then we want to vomit. Well, I don’t think that any one want to provoke that effect right ?



Currently I have many perfumes, but they are strong, the kind you put on during winter. But in Summer you want something more floral, sweeter, lighter. The Guerlain Terracotta is not only a bronzer powder, they made a perfume out of it, and it smells soooo good ! It’s like the scent of their powder but with something delicious, I can’t explain the feeling, go smell it you will understand what I mean haha ! There are bergamote, coconut milk, ylang ylang, tiare flower, orange blossom, vanilla and jasmin. Let’s say it’s just perfection in a bottle ! The ideal Summer scent, exotic, sweet and elegant.

Let me know if you’re tempted by some items I’ve talked about. What is your Wishlist ? I hope you will get what you want, not only during summer sales but in general. It’s important to hold on to your passion, things that motivate you. Blogging is so important to me, I don’t know what I would do without it… Thank you so much for being here, writing without readers would be meaningless. Anyway, enough blabla for today haha ! I wish you a very good day. Bye guys, talk to you very soon !



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