Halloween ? I don’t care


Bonjour guys ! On the 31st of October, people celebrate Halloween in many countries. It used to be an anglo-saxon tradition, but it spread everywhere in the world. It has religious origins, but now it has become a way to eat candies and to throw parties. Don’t get me wrong, as a child I was excited to wear a witch costume and to ask « treats or tricks » at the neighbors’ door. But years have passed, so has my enthusiasm towards this event. Many people love Halloween, not only the children. I’ve noticed that many adults enjoy this last day of October, and sorry for the offense, but I find it ridiculous. Not wanting to have fun, but acting as if they were still in their childhood. I have friends who will go to Halloween parties, dressed like vampire or so called sexy nurse, drinking black widow cocktails and eating mini hot dogs which look like cut fingers.

I admit that it requires imagination to make such recipes, but I can’t bear pumpkin cupcakes anymore. There are photos of orange pastries everywhere on the social medias, even in jail there is less of this color. Just to make it clear : I’m not criticizing or insulting people who love wearing costumes and eating weird stuff for Halloween. I am just saying that I don’t care about this event anymore, because there are many articles about how great it is, how you should already have your costume picked up etc. But I haven’t read anything written by someone who is indifferent to Halloween, which is why I’ve decided to do it. You have articles like « 6 make up ideas for Halloween », « 4 creepy recipes  « or  » 10 films to watch for Halloween ». But if I want to watch a scary movie, I will do it whatever it’s the 31st of October or not, and I will eat pumpkin all Winter long because I love it and not only one day during the Winter.


I agree that everything about Halloween partie is not ridiculous, there are many great costumes and make up. Unfortunately, a majority of people can’t afford a tailored costume or have the skills to achieve a make up like a pro. For them, it’s an handmade awful make up which is scary because so awfully done, and  a 10 E costume with plastic accessories. When you are 4 years old with a twisted pointy hat and your grandma’s broom it’s cute, but, I am sorry to say it, an adult can’t be taken seriously wearing this kind of thing.

Personally, I will live this day like a normal day, and for the night I won’t try to scare myself. It will be the 31st of October, just another day in the calendar. If I am doomed for that, so be it.

Will you celebrate Halloween ? If you enjoy this particularly day, I am curious to know why. And if you too don’t care about it, tell me, I will feel less alone haha. Anyway, whereas you like it or not, I hope that you are doing great and that you will have a nice Halloween day, no matter if you’re dressed like a bat end eating eyes, or like me in your pajamas reading 1Q84. Good night guys !

Bisous, Marion. 

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