I wish…


Bonjour guys ! I wanted to share with you some of my deepest wishes. « I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my head… » No, but I love this song. Anyway. Not that my wishes are so amazing that they require all your attention, but I thought it could be cool to talk about them. I believe that sharing is the key of many thing, and my blog is a platform made to discuss. Interact with other people can make us realize things, discover, find the advice we were looking for, find some support… So, here are some of my wishes, and I hope that you will see that we all have dreams. You don’t have to feel depressed or frustrated because you don’t have it all. No one does. But it’s OK, because if we had it all, what could we wish for then ?

-I wish I were a ballerina. When I was a child, I took ballet classes. For a day. Yeah, I know,  it’s ridiculous. But I was three years old and my teacher scared me, so I did not want to go back. I regret, I should have kept going, or go to another studio, or start later. I never did…



-I wish that our world would be a good place to live in. No prejudices, no wars, no inequalities, no diseases, no pain, no suffering, no harm, no violence, just peace, love and life. It’s an utopia, but sometimes it’s encouraging to hope and to dream. Also, by wondering how we could improve our lives, we end up by finding concrete solutions. So instead of thinking about all the bad stuff in the world, we should focus on how to diminish them.


-I wish I could sing. I am a terrible singer, a very terrible one.Ask anyone, friends, family… It’s a supplication for them when I sing. It’s awful for me because I know the lyrics of maaanyyy songs, so when I hear them on the radio I sing. But no one can bear my voice. I remember one day I was in the car with my brother, I started to sing and he said « Oh no please, shut up ». It’s hard.


-I wish I could play piano. That can actually become true, I just have to take classes. I don’t know if I would be a good student, but that’s not an impossible dream. I hope that one day I will have the chance to take at least one class, to see if I like playing as much as I like the sound of this instrument. Piano is my favorite instrument, then there is guitar and then violin. A friend of mine plays violin, she’s very talented.


-I wish I were taller. I will never be, only on heels. I barely measure 1.60 m, so I am a little bit taller than Eva Longoria, but far more smaller than Karlie Kloss. Though I don’t want to be as tall as her either. We are never happy with what we have uh ?


-I wish I spoke Russian. That is an achievable goal too, even though it’s easier to learn a new language as a child. Plus, Russian does not have the same alphabet, it’s Cyrillic, but you just have to learn. Don’t ask me why Russian specifically, I just like this language and the story related to it. I am interested in the Russian culture as well, ballet, tea, literature, music, history… And language is part of a culture so I guess this is the reason why.


-I wish I could travel more. I haven’t been in many places, I’ve never left Europe. The fairest places I’ve been are London and Rome. It’s better than nothing, I also had the chance to go to Paris many times, I went to Monaco, Cannes, Nice, I also went in San Sebastian in Spain, to Maastricht in Holland, to Lièges in Belgium … but I wish I could discover the world. Not the whole world, it’s impossible, but I am attracted by so many places ! Russia, Australia, Austria, Sweden, the U.S, Denmark, Greece, Thailand and so on. But travelling costs a lot and I don’t have the money. It also requires time and I have obligations where I am. But one thing is sure : if I had more money, I would travel more. Ah, despite what they say, money is everything.


And you, what are your wishes ? Reachable or not, it’s good to have dreams, goals, things we want to achieve. I hope that you will be able to realize some of yours. I will let you know if one day I speak Russian, if I play piano or if one day I am rich enough to travel haha. We’ll see what the future holds. Sometimes it’s good to remain in the unknown, it gives life more greatness. I talk to you very soon !

Bisous, Marion. 



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