Four of my Fashion icons



Bonjour guys ! Inspiration is everywhere, and when it comes to fashion I believe that it’s important to have your own style. Copying is pointless, since clothes are a way to express our own selves. That’s being said, I’ve noticed that my personal style is influenced by different figures. Today I wanted to talk about four of them, two icons from the past, and two personalities from nowadays. There are similarities between those four women’s style. All of them are simple, elegant, and it’s not complicated to shop items which look like theirs.

Fashion Icons from them : 

-Audrey Hepburn :

No need to introduce her, I think everyone knows this incredible woman. She’s admirable for many things, but in today’s article I will only talk about her style. I love her simplicity, her sophistication, and her natural beauty. Everyone can get the « Audrey Hepburn look » since most of what he wore is still available in many stores. The reason is simple : her clothes were atemporal, timeless, the kind which never goes out of fashion. I am sure you already have most of the clothes she would have been susceptible to wear : a pair of ballerines, a marinière, a pair of jeans, a pair of large sunnies, a white shirt,  black pants, and a little black dress. She was wearing a lot of black. This color suits everyone, every morphology, and you can be sure that by purchasing black classic items you will have them for a lifetime.


-Grace Kelly :


To me, she was one of the most beautiful and chic women on earth. Her look is a little bit more elevated since she was a Princess, but she never did too much. There are some pieces of clothes she wore that I wouldn’t, it’s too vintage for me, but there are some others which I could totally adopt. She too had large sunnies, a silk scarf on her head, mid skirts, little heels shoes ( she was tall ), pearls jewels, and of course the Hermes Kelly bag. Her looks were more colorful than Audrey’s, but she mainly wore nude / neutral tones. She was blonde, but beige suits her very well. The total look wasn’t fade. It was her attitude which gives the clothes their power, which emphasizes them. Wearing nice clothes is one thong, but if you ara having a vulgar, neglected attitude it would ruin everything. Your style has to reflect yourself.



And now :

-Olivia Palermo : 

Moving on today’s style influencers. Olivia Palermo is THE woman every girl want to copy. I mean, she’s rich, beautiful, have the perfect body, a handsome husband, go to every fashion weeks for year and so on. Her life is my dream. Anyway. Having her looks can be real. Indeed, even if she wears many expensive designer clothes, she also wears a lot of Zara pieces. I love her outfits because she’s not afraid to mix pattens, shapes, textures… And it’s the kind of thing I do myself. For exemple, ripped jeans with heels, a shirt and a blazer is exactly my style. I never wear ripped jeans with snickers, it’s too casual, but I would rarely wear heels with a blazer, with pants and with a shirt. It would be too strict. I like balanced outfits, and she represents it. Her look is not complicated to shop, I assume that most of you have a Zara nearby, this brand is everywhere. You don’t have to spend a lot to be chic, a white shirt, flats, sunnies, a pair of jeans, a blazer and voilà. You have the OP basics.


-Victoria Beckham :

I have to admit that a decade ago I would never have said that VB was one of my source of inspiration. She had fake boobs, her skin was over tanned, her hair bleached blond, her skirts too short and so on. But since she has launched her label, I have to say that I’ve changed my mind. Well, her look has changed too, so this is the reason why. She’s a lot more natural and sophisticated. I love almost every single piece that she wears. It’s simple, elegant and comfortable. Except for the 12cm heels she wears sometimes, but she has been spotted with sneakers more times than I’ve worn any. You can get the VB look with a pair of black pants, a white shit, a pair of stilettos and of course the largest sunnies you can get. Never smile but look nice, despise the world but don’t be ungrateful, be posh but not too much. Impossible. There is only one her kind.

The good thing is that for each look there are similar pieces. What you have to remember is that with a pair of black pants, a pair of jeans, a pair of ballerines, one of stilettos, huge sunnies, white shirt and a blazer you are sure to always be fashionable. No matter your age, your shape, your hair color… those pieces are 100% chic, timeless and you can find affordable ones. But more than anything, don’t copy the exact same look of anyone. Those four woman are an insertion for me, not the reflection of myself I want to see in the mirror. I am happy to be me, to have my own style, it appears that most of my clothes look like some of their. I’m not complaining though ahah.  And you, who are your fashion icons ? Do you already own some of those pieces ? I hope you are doing great, I talk to you very soon !

Bisous, Marion. 

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