Winter is coming



Bonjour guys ! I know we are still in Fall, but it feels like if Winter was already here. I am someone who has a low body temperature and who is always cold, but for the last few days I’ve been freezing. I don’t remembre being so cold last year at the same period. Do you feel the same or is it just me ? I can’t feel fingers and my toes, I wear ski socks and thick knitted sweaters. I think I will die this Winter, I’m not gonna make it, no way. I will end up looking like a snowflake.


Though a snowflake is kinda pretty…Anyway. It’s getting colder and colder, days are getting shorter and shorter, and I’m going to be depressed, like every winter. Not depressed in « I am having a depression » way, but depressed in the way that I will be less motivated, less jolly, but more grumpy and irritable. It’s proven that the sun has an impact on our mood and behavior. We react like photovoltaic panels, we absorb the solar energy, it gives us warmth, strength and effectiveness. On the contrary, during winter, with all this darkness and this coldness, our mind unconsciously turns into its self defense mode, wants to hibernate, becomes more lazy, wants to eat and to sleep. But it’s the same thing every year, and here I am. It means that I’ve already survived 20 winters, and I will make it through this 21st.

I have already prepared my survival equipment. Indeed, I’ve order super warm grey  pyjamas with a white polar bear on the front of the sweat, and a grey pair of filled slippers with white pompoms on the side on the Etam website. I have bought tons of teas, soups and of course candles. Not any kind of candles, the ones with the Fall / Winter scents you know ? Cinnamon, ginger, applesauce, nutmeg and so on. It warms up the room, gives a little bit of light, and smells damn delicious. you just have to be careful not to burn your house down.


Now that your room / apartment / house or whatever is set up for the cold times and that you are wrapped up in knitted clothes, you have to think about staying awaken. Indeed, with all this darkness we intend to be more sleepy. But work, studies… are not taking any break. So you have to keep up with the rhythm, and it’s hard not to be tempted by staying in bed or in the couch, surrounded by blankets, sipping a pumpkin spice latte, and watching GOT. This serie is perfect for this time of the year, because I’m complaining about being cold, but when you see the weather in « The North » it makes you relativize.


But GOT won’t disappear tonight, so let’s work now and relax later. Also, of you have to work from home, nothing’s bothering you to do it near of the fireplace if you have the chance to have one, with plaids, pillows, and anything you want to make you more comfortable. You can also drink your home made pumping spice latte, it’s cheaper and with less sugar that at the Starbucks.


If you are clumsy like me, be careful not to spill it. Once, my desk was full of hot chocolate, I thought my phone was dead. Hopefully it has survived and my papers were spared. Still, it was a mess to clean. I am an organization freak, so I know that even if I am feeling like doing nothing, I will do it anyway. But I am not a robot, and I enjoy taking time for myself, just entertaining, reading or baking. What I like about Winter, I have to admit it doesn’t have only disadvantages, it’s that there are lots of apples and prunes, which means I can make tarts. I love cooking pastries, it distresses me, it embalms the kitchen with delicious scents, and it makes my family happy, because I’m a great baker, obviously. Kidding. Though I’m not that bad. If you don’t like cooking, you can read my articles and watch my Youtube videos, but I’m sure you already did haha.



So here we are, freezing and trying to warm up, sleepy and trying to stay awake, wishing to go back to bed and trying to work. But a year is made with four seasons, and we have to fo through each one of them. I am complaining but I like the Winter spirit. Christmas is in its way, family meals, parties, love, share, joy, in one word : happiness. We can’t have it all, and if all those good times mean going through negative temperatures, well so be it.

I hope you are doing great, that you are less freezing that I am. Let me know what your Winter habits are, if you too enjoy reading, baking, drinking hot beverages… I talk to you very soon ! But don’t forget :




Bisous, Marion. 

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