TAG #1 : Random facts about me

Bonjour guys ! I thought it could be relevant to introduce myself a little bit more, so in this article I answer to random questions about me.


-What was your favorite subject at school ? I can’t choose one between literature and History.

-What is your favorite drink ? I love every kind of tea, but I prefer fruity green ones.

-What is your favorite food ? Macaron, I am not French for nothing.

-Favorite book of all time ? I have read so many books I can’t pick one. But let’s say that my top 3 is : « Whuthering Heights » by Emily Brontë, « L’étranger » d’Albert Camus and « Anna Karenine » by Léon Tolstoï.

-Favorite color ? All shades of red.

-Do you have any pets ? I love animals, but no I don’t. I would like to have a dog one day, but not now.

-Favorite perfume ? I change perfume all the time, but I particularly like the scent of « La Religieuse » from Serge Lutens.

-Favorite place to go on holiday ? Anywhere where there is sun.

-Are you married ? God no ! I am 20 years old, single, independent and happy.

-Do you speak any other language ? French is my mother tongue, I speak English and a tiny bit of Spanish. I wish I spoke Italian and Russian too.

-How many siblings do you have ? Two little brothers : Pierre and Ilario.

-What is your favorite shop ? Galeries Lafayette.

-Favorite restaurant ? « Le Pain Quotidien« . Organic, vegan and tasty food.

-Favorite Blog ? « The Man Repeller« . Léandra Médine and her time are so fun and serious at the same time. I love their articles, they speak about pretty much everything in a detached yet relevant way.

-Favorite Movie ? Here again, I don’t have one but several. I would say that « The Devil Wears Prada » is my number one, this movie made me realized I wanted to become a fashion editor 6 years ago. I’m also addicted to »Love Actually« , I watch it every December.

-Favorite TV show ? Hum… I like several show but I will way that « Gossip Girl » is the first serie I’ve been following seriously. I’ve watched the 6 seasons three times.

-PC or Mac ? Macintosh baby.

-What phone do you have ? White and golden iPhone 5C.

-Can you cook ? Hell yeah ! Have you seen the number of recipes articles I’ve posted on my blog ? I am not a Chef, but I love cooking especially pastas and pastries.

Maybe now you know me a little better haha. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. I hope you are doing great, I talk to you very soon,

Bisous, Marion. 

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