Flowers in the wind

Bonjour guys ! I wanted to enjoy the last flowers of the Summer, even in my outfit, so I opted for this pastel and pastoral look. I was walking along the docks in Bordeaux, it was and windy and the skirt was floating in the air. I thought I could take some pictures and write an article about it, and obviously I did.


The main piece of this outfit is the skirt. I bought it at Zara last year, and I am totally in love with it. This is not the kind if piece I usually wear, because I’m short and I was afraid to look even shorter with a mid skirt. This was a wrong prejudice. If you are a petite too, you can totally wear mid skirt. Just make sure that it arrives under your knee. I prefer wearing it with heels, but it works with flats as well. I love the pattern, the colors, the material too. It’s thick but not that warm, so even if it was hot outside I wasn’t completly sweaty in it. I find the cut very elegant, the large pockets are practical, plus it’s high waisted, and I prefer wearing high waisted clothes whereas it’s a skirt, pants or jeans. It costed around 40E, which is reasonable considering that it’s a very good quality piece.


If think that a pair of Rayban sunglasses is an essential. No matter your age, gender, face shape etc… you can never go wrong with a Wayfarer pair of sunnies. I have them in red because it’s my favorite color, but they have a complete range. This model of Rayban costs more than 100E, but they totally worth it. I got them years ago, I worn them on the beach, in the sea, in the pool and other places where they could have been broken or damaged. They are still alive and harmless. Plus, the brand exists for a century, it’s timeless.


This pair of shoes is from Minelli, like almost of my pair of shoes I know. I purchased them last summer during the sales. I made such a great deal ! I don’t remember the exact price, but I know that they costed more than 100E and I got them for less than 80E. I love the light blue color, but what I like the most about those sandals are the golden heals. I think it’s super chic and original, it changes everything and gives a little something to an outfit. For exemple, you put black jeans on and then this pair of shoes and bam, your outfit is anything but ordinary. I have a Guess watch on my left wrist, white and silver, which I got 6 years ago. It’s one of the most robust watch I have. Usually, after a while they get broken or the gearing won’t work anymore. I never had any problem with it, so I can say that Guess watches worth their price.



My top is from Kookai. It was quite expensive, something like 80E, but it’s made only with silk. Be careful with this material, it’s like cashmere, you can’t wash it like cotton clothes, it would kill them. Anyway, I like this top because of its color, but mostly because of the ruffles in the front. I think it’s refined and feminine. I got this bag in a little boutique, this is not a specific brand. I love the lavender color, I love pastel tones in general as you can telle with this outfit. The shape of the bag reminds me of the Celine trapeze ones. The size is perfect because you can put many things in it without being crowded by a huge tote.

Well, I talked to you about ( almost ) everything I wore this day. I hope you had a great Summer and that you enjoyed flowers as well. Landscapes are s beautiful in this period of the year, when fields are full of blooming flowers. I will definitely be nostalgic of the warm days. But they will come back next year. I will talk to you before though.

Bisous, Marion. 

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