Strawberry and chocolate mascarpone cream tart

Bonjour guys ! Summer is the perfect time of the year to get the best strawberries. This is one of my favorite fruits, and no I’m not pregnant. I like to eat them in many ways : pastries, jams, ice creams, or  just like that, with coconut whipped cream it’s so yummy. This time I made a tart, but nothing too fancy. You will see, it’s simple, quick and cheap. I am a vegetarian and I don’t consume dairy products, but this tart contains mascarpone because I did not made it for myself. I made it for my family, they love mascarpone, and I wanted to please them. It’s not because I don’t eat some things that I should force people to do the same. Anyway, you can totally adapt this recipe if you want it dairy free, I will put the alternative ingredients.

You will need :

-A roll of pastry dough ( homemade is better, but it takes time. The dough I used contained butter, but there are vegan pastry doughs in the supermarket )

-250g of mascarpone ( you can replace it by a dairy free mascarpone, which can be found in the organic store. I even saw a pot of non dairy cheese in the supermarket, I was very pleased to see that they are fulfilling their stocks with alternative products )

-500g of strawberries ( frozen or fresh )

-2eggs (organic is the best, mine are from my grand parents farm )

-3 tbsp of cacao powder ( 100% cacao without added sugar is healthier and tastier )

-1 tbsp of vanilla extract ( optional, but it gives a little something to the mascarpone which can be bitter. Also, strawberries can be acid, and vanilla’s sweetness will balance that ).


Start by putting the dough in the pie pan, and pick it with a fork. It will help the dough to breathe and to bake properly. Put it in the oven for 12 to 20 minutes. Don’t hesitate to check out how the dough is evolving, and take it out when baked at your convenience. I don’t like overcooked doughs, but my mom for exemple, prefers when it’s very baked.

While the dough is baking, separates the whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites in a bowl, and mix the two egg yolks with the vanilla extract in an other. Add the mascarpone spoon by spoon to the egg yolks. Make sure to stir very well, mascarpone is very heavy, so beat it until there are no more lumps. When it has an homogenous consistency, add the whisked egg whites spoon by spoon as well. It will make the preparation smoother, lighter, more like a cream, which is what we want here. We don’t want something too heavy, it will become disgusting otherwise. When the whites are correctly incorporated, add the cacao powder, gently, while mixing. Don’t whisk too hard though. The cream has to be aerial.

When the dough is baked, wait until it cools down, then pour the mascarpone cream on top.


Now you just have to put add the strawberries and….Voilàààà !



Ok, I admit that my strawberries are not very well ranged haha But apparently it tasted de-li-ci-ous. I can’t tell since I did not eat it because of the ingredients, but I had 4 tasters, and all of them told me it was very good, especially the mascarpone cream. I humbly have to say that I am the mascarpone cream queen. I love making it for tarts, tiramisus, « verrines » etc… Anyway, let me know if you tried this recipe at home. What is your favorite fruits tart ? Mine is definitely the strawberries one, even though my grandma’s apple pie is damn good. I wish you a Bon Appétit !

Bisous, Marion. 

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