Our future is unsure


Bonjour guys ! I read this article on The Guardian, and it triggered something in me : http://bit.ly/2cjYeoC. It’s about the end of the Anthropocene epoch, which is, well was, the geological period we were living in. Human activities have accelerated the natural processus, and it has alarmed scientists. I won’t go in the details because I am not a specialist, the best is that you read the article on The Guardian, it’s not very long and well explained, even I understood haha. Though I am not a specialist, I am concerned about our future on this planet, and I wanted to write about them. Not to depress you or to spread a stressful  atmosphere, but to make people aware of what’s going on, and if you too are worried, maybe you could help me to be more optimistic …


It’s not a scoop, our planet is in danger, so are we. Pollution, radiation, animals exploitation and I pass. The Earth is a huge garbage, the nature is dying, species are endangered, and human being won’t be an exception. We forgot that we only have one place to live on, and we treat it as if it were nothing. But how are we supposed to survive here ? With a polluted air, polluted water, nothing to eat nor drink ?

Nowadays, migrations are mainly due to climat, not wars. People are going away because they are starving and dying. We are too numerous and earth, and natural ressources are not sufficient. So we create more, we overexploit, we dig too deep into the soils, we always want more even when we have enough. It’s mainly due to the fact that lobbies have money interests in oil for exemple, so the exploit always more.



Not to mention what’s going on around the earth. This is a picture of all the wastes in the atmosphere. It scares the hell out of me to see all those things in weightlessness above my head. It happened many times that satellites fell down to the earth, which is very reassuring uh ? It made me think of the movie « Wall-E« , if you haven’t seen it, just do, it’s very interesting and it leads to reflection.


We, human, are putting ourselves into danger, but we mustn’t forget about the fauna and the flora. If we need food and water to live, so do animals. But how are they supposed to evolve in their natural habitat if they no longer have it ? Well, they die.


Global warming, wholes in the ozone layer, melting ice, radioactive waste, the disappearance of the barrier reef… I can’t even summarize every alarming things going on since they are too many. Governments have started to realize that something really bad is happening, it’s too late. But still, it’s a good start. There was for exemple the COP 21 in Paris last year, States have ratified it, let’s hope that they will keep their engagements. Money always prevail, but money is useless when you’re dead.


We love our nuclear energy, but there are alternative ones. Fortunately, there are researches and finds. There are more organic food, less nuclear central, there are restrictions when it comes to intensive breeding, we found way to clean the water and the soil, to protect some animal species, to prevent us from diseases, environmental protection regulations to prevent deforestation for exemple etc… Also, there are more and more ecological movements and people are starting to be conscious about the critical situation. They sorte the waste, don’t leave water flow for nothing, use less their cars and more their bikes and so on.

I found those two websites on which you can learn more about the subject :

« Ecology and Society » website : http://www.ecologyandsociety.org

« Ecology Today » website :http://www.ecology.com/ecology-today/

There are other websites, but most of them are paying because they content scientific revues, and scientists work is not free. I hope this article helped you to understand the critical position, but that a better future is possible. If we have conscience of the current situation, then we can take actions. There are many words spilled by institutions, but self interest prevails. We must not give up, our future and the future of human being specie such as any living form on this Earth is in danger. Small changes can make the difference. If each of us have the good reflex and habits, it can changes everything. I am afraid of what’s going on, but I will keep fighting because I want to live, not to survive. I want to breathe, to feel the fresh air in my lungs, I want to eat real fruits and vegetables, I want to talk to real people and not robots, I want to see beautiful landscapes, to hear the tweet of a bird, to smell the scent of flowers… I want to be alive.

Bisous, Marion. 

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