Favorites of the month : August

Bonjour guys ! August is already over, I haven’t seen the month passed, have you ? It’s terrible how fast time goes by… Anyway, it’s time to share with you random things I enjoyed the most during August.



-Gluten free bread


Ok, I know, it’s not very glamour, but I think this is what I ate the most this month. I am not allergic to gluten, but my mom is, and one day I was craving and I didn’t know what to eat. Then I saw this bread and I thought « Why not ? At least I’m gonna taste it ». And I loved it. It’s just bread you will say. Well, yes, but this one tastes different. I guess it’s due to the fact that it’s gluten free. I bought it in the supermarket, not even in a specific store. If you live in France, you can only find it at Leclerc because it belongs to their gluten free range of products. You can also order it online and take it at the « drive ». It’s less expensive than basic gluten free bread, such as the brand Schar, still it costs something around 3.50Euros the 400 grams. But there are 6 slices in a package, and they are really thick. Gluten free bread really tastes different from classic bread, this one can be stodgy  because of its thickness, so what I do is that I eat it with a cup of tea. I don’t anything on top if it, I just dip it in my tea and savor it. I really am a French girl : bread is all my life.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Cream



Lancaster is my favorite brand when it comes to sun products. I have already talked about some of them in previous articles, but never about this one. Summer is over, and now that I have some retrospective, I can tell that this product is the one I’ve been using the most. It’s a sunscreen cream, very smooth and moisturizing. It has a SPF30, so the protection is quite high. It won’t keep you from tanning because it’s a velvet milk supposed to sublime your tan. It protects, hydrates, maintains your tan, and it’s waterproof. Why ask for more ? I bought it at Sephora for 36.50 Euros, here’s the link if you want to purchase it : http://www.sephora.fr/Corps-Bain/Solaires/Protection-solaire/Sun-Beauty-Lait-Velours-Bronzage-Sublime-SPF30/P2140005

I don’t find the price exaggerated because Lancaster is a great brand, so you know that you’ve spent your money in something which worth it. Also, you don’t need to apply a large amount of product to make it effective. Like i said, I’ve been using it for two months and there are almost the half of it left. Also, skin is precious and sensitive, it’s very important to take of it. To me, invest in a good product that will prevent my skin from UV is not a waste. Sun is responsible for the aging of the skin, skin stains, dry skin, wrinkles, and more serious : skin cancer. Tanning is good, enjoying the sun too, but health is what you need to think of first. This product allows you to combine those three elements, this is why I recommend it.

Le Petit Marseillais Body Scrub



Who says tons of sunscreen means taking it off, and my best friend for doing that has been this Le Petit Marseillais body scrub. I found it at the supermarket, I love this brand because  the majority of their products is made with natural ingredients, it smells really good, it’s not really expensive, and of course it’s efficient. This scrub cleaned my skin, so the thick pellicule of the Lancaster cream was cleaned off. There are particles like sand, but there are not too much irritative if you don’t put to much pressure while applying it. Do gentle circular motion, like a massage. It’s a moisturizing scrub, there are Shea, brown sugar and argan oil. It doesn’t dry the skin, it leaves it clean, hydrate and with a nice scent. Though, don’t apply it every day, twice a week is enough, it will irritate your skin otherwise. And never use it on your face.

Revlon nail polish


Last week at was doing some errands and I saw a Revlon stand. Usually, the supermarket where I go doesn’t sell this brand, so I was pleased to see it. There were nail polishes and lipsticks, I bought a nail polish. I think next time I will leave myself being tempted by the lipstick… I am weak I know haha. Anyway, I bought the nail polish in the shade « Queen of hearts », which is a deep dark red. I love red nail polish, I think it’s very elegant and it never goes out of fashion. It’s the same thing with lipstick : there is nothing more glamorous and chic than red lips. The major argument in buying this product is that it costed less than 5Euros which is a bargain considering that it was sold with the topcoat.



It’s supposed to be a polyvalent nail polish : it acts as a base and a color, but personally I don’t like to apply a colored nail polish without a base under, so I will put a base anyway. The color is very rich, I like the size of the brush, and the topcoat is really shiny. The result is pretty refined. There are plenty colors, so if you need good quality though not expensive nail polishes, go for these ones. You can find more informations about this range of nail polishes on Revlon’s website : http://www.revlon.com/products/nails/nail-color/colorstay-gel-envy-nail#309976012292||0
-« Elle » Youtube channel : « Yoga du matin »

To finish, I wanted to talk about the activity I’ve been doing the most this month : yoga. I’ve written an article about it where I explain why I came to do yoga, why I like it etc… you can read it here : https://adaraynalvulpiani.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/un-article-en-francais/

On Youtube, there are hundreds of yoga videos, I’ve tried a dozens, and the one I end up doing every day is the one I’ve linked just above. It’s on the Channel « Elle », the video is entitled « Cours de yoga du matin », it’s in French. I love this video because it makes me feel really good afterwards. I do it every morning, whereas it’s 7.30 AM or 11.30AM, I can’t properly start my day without doing this first. The video lasts 18 minutes, which is not very long for a yoga session, Nathalie, the woman on the video, explains very well the postures, how to breathe… It’s a morning session, and I really feel the difference. My body wakes up, my bones are put back in place, my muscles can relax, my mind can go, I can breathe and be ready to kick off the day !

Let me know if you already knew things I’ve talked to you about in this article. I hope that your month of August was great and that September will be even better. I wish you the best and I alk to you very soon !

Bisous, Marion. 

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