Glam Glow Gravitymud Review

Bonjour guys ! No bla-bla here, I will jump right into the fact for once haha. I recently got the last  GlamGlow mask, which is the Gravity mud firming treatment. I love this brand because products are made with natural ingredients, and mostly because they are effective. If you want more informations about the brand, here’s the link towards the website :

I have to admit that they are expensive : 49.90E for the 50g pot, almost 1E per gram. But you don’t need a huge amount when using it, so the pot lasts for months. Except if you apply a mask every single day, but never dot that. It would have the opposite effect and damage your skin.

You can purchase Glam Glow products on Sephora :

As you can see, there is a complete range of products, I have tested all of their masks except one : the Flashed brightening treatment, the one in the orange packaging. Since I was quite satisfied with each masks I’ve tested, I wanted to try the new born.

It’s supposed to firm, lift, tight and tone, so I thought it would be more appropriate for mature skins. I was wrong though, you can totally apply it even if you don’t have wrinkles. It’s the word « lift » which misled me. The color of the product can be frightening : it’s a silver liquid. You have to apply it with the little brush, don’t take too much of it, you will see that it spreads easily on the skin.


You have to keep this extraterrestrial / mirror ball face for 20 to 30 minutes. It’s not uncomfortable. I did not have the feeling that my skin was stretched, which is usually how I feel when I apply a face mask. Most of the time they are made with clay, but this one is mainly made with different seaweeds, licorice leaves, hyaluronic acid and polymers. It smells like pineapple to me, which is quite agreeable, unless you hate pineapple.

There is not « after » picture because you don’t see the difference, you feel it. And I can’t photograph how I felt haha. But I can explain it : when I took it off with warm water, it was like I could feel my skin again. It was clearly softer, like baby skin. It was also more elastic, when I faked a smile it was like I could feel my pores, and my skin actually lift. So I guess this is what they meant by « lift ». It’s not a lifting in the way that it takes away wrinkles, it’s a lifting in the way that you feel your face lift when you move it.

When I came closer to the mirror, I could see more glow, but it didn’t show at the camera, one more reason why there is not « after » pic, no point in posting a random selfie right ?

My verdict ? 100% satisfied with this mask. It’s my favorite one this far. If you tried it, let me know what is your opinion, and if you tried Glam Glow products in general tell me if you like this brand too. Oh, and if you have any masks to recommend, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I wish you a very good day, evening, night whatever haha And don’t forget to take time for yourself.

Bisous, Marion. 

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