Baking a Vegan chocolate cake with the little bro’

Bonjour guys ! Because there is always room for dessert, there is always room for a recipe article ! Vegan, lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, and easy. The perfect cake recipe. This recipe is on video on my YouTube channel, don’t hesitate to watch it for more details. Also, this is a special recipe because my little brother was baking with me. In truth, he’s the one who wanted to cook, and to be filmed doing it. I couldn’t say no obviously haha !



You will need : 

-100g of coconut yogurt ( or the flavor that you like. Personally I love the combo chocolate / coconut )

-200g of dark chocolate

-2tbsp of gluten free flour

-1tbsp of cornstarch

-1tbsp of olive oil ( or coconut oil )

-1 bag of backing powder

-1 banana

-1 pinch of salt

While the chocolate is melting, smash the banana and at it to the coconut yogurt in a large bowl. Add the melted chocolate while stirring vigorously. The chocolate was cooling very fast, I was afraid it became solid ( hopefully it did not ). Add the flour tablespoon by tablespoon, still stirring, then the cornstarch, the baking powder, the olive oil and the salt. We’ve used a silicone cake mold, so there was no need to grease it. I recommend you silicon molds, it’s very practical, especially to release the cake.

Put it in the oven during 30 minutes at 180 C° and voilàààà ! You can eat it as it is, or sprinkle confectioner sugar as I did. It’s also delicious with shredded coconut on top. Tested and approved ! Here’s the link to my YouTube Channel where you can watch us making the recipe :


If you did the recipe at home let me know what you think of it. I wish you a good degustation, talk to you very soon. Bon appétit !

Bisous, Marion.

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