A/W 2016 fashion trends

Bonjour guys ! Fashion is always a step ahead of us. Autumn / Winter shows occur during Summer, and Spring / Summer shows during Winter. We are in the middle of August, but stores are already starting to prepare stocks for September, changing their displays, and put the A/W clothes on the models behind the windows.

To catch up the fast and furious pace of the industry, I’ve been investigating in order to find the trends of the next season. There are maaaanyyyyy brands with maaanyyyyy products, and it’s impossible to go through them all. Though, I’ve seen maaaanyyyy pictures / videos of the A/W 2016 fashion shows, and went on maaaanyyyy websites to see the similarities.

I have a disclaimer to make : I’ve chosen to illustrates the most noticeable trends with Zara’s new collection photos for the different reasons : First, it’s an affordable brand, there is no point in showing you luxury brand, not a lot of us can afford their clothes / accessories. Then, they copy big fashion Houses collections. For instance, you will see that Zara sells a 100% similar pair of shoes as Chanel, expect that there is not the logo ( it would be counterfeit ), and that it’s 1.000E less expensive. Also, there are Zara stores almost everywhere of Earth, and they deliver pretty much the entire world, so wherever you live you can manage to find their items. There is no point in talking about things no one can afford nor find.

Anyway, I hope you will find my article inspiring. Here are the trendy trends :

-Ruffles are better than waffles :


-Tie the knot :


-Keen green : 


-Risking the mixing :


-Buckle those pants up : 


-Des culottes et des bottes : 


-Strike the stripe : 


-Square heels to run through the hills : 


-Free the ankles to clear the angles : 


-Break your chains : 


-Pear to peer : 


-Chockers are not just for teenagers : 


-Release the beast : 


-Headbands are the new bangs : 


My faves are the ruffles tops. There are also ruffles dresses, I think it’s very classy. There were many ruffles at the last Valentino show, it was a magical one. I also like the square heels shoes, it’s more comfortable, easier to walk in, and you can win some inches without hurting your feet. Though, I don’t really appreciate the « ankles free » shoes because during Winter it’s cold, and I don’t wear open shoes when it’s 0 degrees outside, and I don’t imagine wearing those shoes with socks…

Let me know which is / are your favorite trend(s) and which one(s) you like the less. I hope you are enjoying your Summer, I wish you the best. Talk to you very soon,

Bisous, Marion. 

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