Flower power

Bonjour guys ! During July’s sales, I fell on the bargain of the century, and I discovered a new brand I wanted to talk to you about. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to shoot an OOTD, and to play with the lenses of the camera, like the star I am not haha !


This pair of shoes is from What For, it’s the first time I order from their website, and I’m very satisfied. First, the pair was on sale, 62,50E instead of 125E, so a reduction of 50%, then the delivery was very fast : 3 days. I was looking for flat sandals, because I only had sandals with heels. My pair of flats were only loafers and ballerinas, and when it’s super hot your feet need to breathe, so I wanted flat shoes in which my red painted toes could take some fresh air. I didn’t have any white shoes either, and I knew I wanted a pair with a kind of platform. So when I saw these, plus in my size, I instantly liked on « add to cart » and purchased them. I will definitely by other shoes from the brand What For, because the quality is here, and they make really beautiful models. Their Babies and Salomés are very chic, très parisiennes.



As you can tell, my white polo is from Lacoste. I bought it like 5 years ago at the Lacoste shop on the Champs-Elysées. It costed something like 60E, but this brand is a safe value. A Polo will never be out of fashion, it’s a plain color so it goes with anything, it’s very comfortable, well tailored, and the quality is impressive. This is the kind of classic piece I like to have in my closet, when yo don’t know what to wear you just throw it on with a pair of jeans, heels, nice jewels, and voilà, a casual yet feminine outfit.


I’m not snoozing at the plants, I’m looking at a bee… Yeah… Cool occupation ?


Model pose : hand on the hip ! Kidding. I just wanted to show you my pants. They are from Zara and I got them on sale two weeks ago. It’s the kind of pants you can find pretty much anywhere. A plain beige high waisted pants, very comfy, easy to wear, and they costed me less than 20 box. They were a little bit too large, I had to take them to the seamstress so she would shortened the waist. She did an amazing job. Anyway, Zara jeans size small, but their pants size large. At least for me, so be careful when buying online. Though the return policy of Zara is pretty good, any time I had to return articles, I got payed back less than 3 days after.


Flowers coussins, don’t worry I didn’t crashed them. My sunnies are from Ray Ban, it’s the classic Wayfarer model. Man or woman, young or old, round or skinny face, no matter how you look like the Wayfarer model suits everyone. No need to talk to you about Ray Ban, everyone know the brand. It can be expensive, but it’s this is the best sunnies brand I’ve ever tested. Excellent quality, large range of models, an old house… A par of Ray Ban is a lifetime piece.


Well, I think I’ve told you everything about my outfit, I won’t mention my panties ( from Etam ). Tell me if you found interesting things on sale ! I hope you are doing well. I leave you here, on my flowers armrests, looking at the horizon…

Bisous, Marion.

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  1. Lovely! ❤

    Julie, Petite and So What?


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