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Bonjour guys ! From Saturday the 23rd of July to Saturday the 30th I will be in holidays at Saint Jean de Luz in the French Côte Basque, yay ! I mean look at the landscape :


Baie de Saint-Jean-de-Luz a


There is the beach but also the Pyrénées Mountains. Such a beauty… I will take pictures and probably write an article about my week there. But before enjoying the break, there is something quite important to do : the checklist ! If you are an organization freak like me, you can’t live without To Do lists and checklists. If organization and you make two, well you should definitely make a list before going, otherwise you will forget things. And who wants to be bothered by forgotten stuff in holidays ??

We all have our own way to write checklists, and our own personal things to carry with us. But there are general things which most of us take. Since I am staying in France, I don’t need a Passeport, a Visa, nor any kind of specific papers to have an authorization of staying on a territory. If you are going abroad, make sure to have all the administrative side done. It’s such a pain in the *** when you are in holidays and security / custom / administration… annoys you for a missing signature or a missing date…

My checklist : 





































Of course I will carry my papers ( ID, Carte Vitale, Driver License…) and we have an emergency kit in the car. We are never cautious enough when it comes to health right ?

Let me know if there are things you would have added to this checklist. What are your plans for holidays ? Since I will be gone for a week, I don’t know if the WiFi will work correctly, finger crossed ! I everything goes well, I won’t stop publishing articles nor YouTube videos for a week. If things so wrong, I will let you know on my Facebook Page ( I will have the 4G somewhere ) and / or my Instagram Account, so make sure to follow me 🙂

I wish you very good holidays, and if you are working hold on ! I will talk to you very soon, goodbye guys !




XOXO, Marion.

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  1. Your blog is great!! Thanks


    1. Thanks to you ! Such an agreeable comment 🙂

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