How to make the most out of this Summer ?

Bonjour guys ! I know we are not in holidays, and that’s why this article is about making the most out of the Summer, not holidays. I don’t see why we should wait to be in holidays to focus on important things, to prioritize and organize our lives, and to take a step back. Most people enjoy Summer, they feel happier and more open to positive thoughts. It’s probably due to the sun, the atmosphere, and the general mood.

We all have different things going on in our lives, we have our problems and our questions, but instead of torturing our minds and our bodies with all the negative stuff, we should, no we must, make some effort and try to solve those problems, or at least accept them, and live in peace despite them. I don’t pretend that I know how to live the happy dreamy life, it doesn’t exist anyway. I am not a meditation teacher either, a guru, and I certainly don’t pretend holding the truth about human happiness.



As a human being just like you, I know how it’s like to have bad times, trust me, to feel desperate, useless, alone, misunderstood and misfit. But here I am, more motivated than ever to make the most out of my not that shitty life. It took me yeeeeaaars, but eventually I  have accepted that I can’t have it all, that I will always want more, and so always be frustrated. You know what ? It’s OK. I’ve made my peace. It’s good to want to be better, to have ambition, to have this great and happy life, a well paid job, health, love… Though wanting all these things doesn’t mean have them. Just thinking about being better, improve yourself, your life, your future, caring about the others, the planet… Positive thoughts have a positive impact. The more optimistic you are, the more other people will be because we all have an influence on each other.

When you walk on the street, or are in a store or whatever, and when you see everyone in a bad mood, talking rudely… We are in a bad mood too. But imagine that everyone is smiling, joking, cordial… What kind of person would you be if you were sad in the middle of this joy hum ? This gloomy face would stain the picture. And you want to make this picture even better, so you smile larger, laugh laughter than them. It’s a positive cycle / circle. It’s certainly an utopia, because there will always be bad persons determined to tear everything down, to make us feel like crap and worthless. But if you choose not to give them credit, they won’t touch you. Rise above all this misery, this pain, this self depreciation.



I am not the most self confident person, even though I like the body that I have, I don’t feel beautiful but I don’t feel ugly either. I am not the smartest, but I am cultivated and many things interest me, I am not rich but not poor. I have more than I need. I have health issues, but I am not dying. My point is that yes there are negatives aspects in my life, but I prefer to focus on the good ones. It’s not easy to relativise, not it all, it’s a lifetime exercise because it has to be constant to be effective. But with time it becomes an automatism, your brain automatically focuses on the positive side, and all the bad stuff is minimized. It doesn’t disappear, but nothing can disappear just like that. The tricky thing is to stay lucid, especially when things are wrong, but without being overwhelmed. Being focused, committed, keep your temper… There are no manual of use for that. Damn, life can’t be easy ?

There are a few things which helped me to improve my life. I don’t pretend that it’s the key to solve all your problems, but they can help. At least it won’t do any harm to try.

Since it’s the Summer, there are more probabilities for you to see / call… your friends and your family. Catch up with them, show them some interest, it’s always pleasant to see that someone care about you. Think about the fact that you are not alone, you have some friends, a family, think about the most important persons in your life. The ones you know you can count on, the ones who support you, know you, make you feel happy, better, know how to comfort you… On the other hand, if you notice that there are nocive relationships, people who make you feel worthless, under them, who are always fighting etc… take them out of your life.



Now that you know you’re not alone, be alone. Meaning : focus on yourself. Take time for you, just you, and only you. I don’t know, like go for a walk during 30 min, with no one, and focus on your breath, the landscape, clear your mind. You can also take 1/2 days and escape for a week-end in solo. There are hotels, B&Bs, campings, or even ashrams ! Whatever you like, or want to discover, go for it but just with yourself ( and some luggage ).

It’s also important to disconnect to reconnect. Disconnect from the phone, the laptop, every electronic stuff. It’s awful to be harassed by mails, notifications, texts, voicemails… Turn everything off, and focus on yourself, the nature, everything but what’s virtual. Reconnect with reality. It can be a tech break during the one you do some yoga, cooking, take a nap, whatever the heck you want. It’s the Summer, which means more chances to have a good weather, so no excuses not to go out, to exercise, to take some fresh air. Pollution is so harmful, go to the country side for exemple. I know that not every one can afford to go away just like that, even for 2 days. But it doesn’t cost you anything to turn you phone off, to go out and walk.



I hope this humble article helped you, whatsoever. Life is not easy, but you can improve it if you really want to. Let me know which are your techniques to relax, to let go… Solidarity is important, no one should be unhappy and alone. World will never be a perfect place to live in, but it can be a better place to live in. It’s the only one we have anyway, and it’s the only life we will live, so let’s make the most out of it ! Come on guys, let’s be happy !


Bisous, Marion.


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