Favorites of June

Bonjour guys ! June has just ended, God, time goes by so fast… Anyway, a month is over which means a Favorites of the month article. Without further waiting, here are the four random « things » that I liked the most in July, and that I want to share with you.



-Lancaster Sole di Capri Eau de toilette :



I was looking for a perfume, but not strictly speaking. I wanted something lighter, specifically for the very hot summer days, and I couldn’t find anything. Until a few weeks ago when my mom brought this treasure. It smells soooo good guys ! If you see the product somewhere, don’t hesitate for a sec : just go and smell it !

You can by it online ( but it’s best to smell a perfume before buying it if you never smelled it before ) http://www.origines-parfums.com/sole-di-capri-eau-toilette.htm

The main scents are fresh figs, white flowers and citrus. The great thing about this eau de toilette is that it can be worn even if you are exposed to the sun. Most of the time, it’s unadvised to wear perfume on the beach or when it’s really hot because the scent will be distorted, but also because it can be dangerous for your skin. A majority of perfumes are made with alcohol, and the heat make it reacts. It can stain your skin and in the worse cases favorise the tendency of a skin cancer… But with Sole di Capri there is no souci !!


-Lancôme Soin liquide énergie de vie  :




If your skin is tired, tern and you feel it tight, this product is perfect for you. I’ve never had major skin issues, but since my teen years I have imperfections and rednesses that come and go. It’s a pain in the *** because now I’m 20 and I thought I would be over with skin problems. Yeah, in your dreams girl ! I have a Nivea moisturizing cream which I love, but when my skin has it’s greasy tendency its not appropriate. So I was trying many products and recently I’ve discovered this Lancôme lotion, which is in complete honestly amazing. You can find it at Sephora for exemple :


It’s made with natural ingredients : goji baies, French Mélissa and gentian. This lotion is anti-oxydant, as light as a cosmetic water, as concentrated as a serum and as moisturizing as a cream. What to ask more ? I really saw the difference on my skin, it’s more alive if I may say. I don’t feel like I’m 14 anymore haha ! If you have a normal skin with some imperfections, I recommend it to you. But the best is to ask for advice in store.

-App : Snapseed : 



This is my last great discovery. I was looking for a good and free app to retouch my photos before posting them on my blog or on the social medias. Photoshop is probably the best, but it costs a lot and I don’t have the means. I was disappointed because I really wanted to post good pictures in order to give you a better content. But I didn’t let despair wins, and I kept looking, reading articles here and there, and I found one written on the blog Zanita Zanita of Zanita Whittington, which is one of my favorite bloggers : http://zanita.com

In the article I’ve read, she talked about retouching apps, including Snapseed, which I’ve never heard before. So I went to the App Store, dowloaded it and loved it right away ahaha. It’s simple to use, versatile, and it can make noticeable modifications on the photos. I hope that you will appreciate the content I post even more 🙂

-Innocent Smoothie : pineapple, banana and coconut :



During the summer, I drink less tea and more smoothies. It’s not always tempting to have a hot drink when it’s hot outside ,so when I have time I make my own smoothie, but when I’m lazy I have an Innocent glass. I love this brand because their drinks are made with natural ingredients, there are no added sugars, flavors or any other substances than fruits. Their new packaging are 50% made with recycled products, and the fruits they used are eco-friendly cultivated. I’m not kidding, the people who work there are truly involved : http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/us/being-sustainable

This pineapple, banana and coconut smoothie is my favorite one ( probably because Im’ a coconut addict ), even though I love them all. It’s a source of vitamin C. The ingredients are pineapple, orange, banana, coconut, lemon juice, apple. It’s refreshing, tasty and healthy, and it make my belly happy !

What were your best discoveries of June ? Let me know if you already knew the products / app I’ve mentioned and what your opinion is about them. I hope your month of July has started well, enjoy your holidays. I talk to you very soon. Bye guys ! XOXO.

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