Who are the Monarchs ?

Bonjour guys ! This is a grieving period : Game of Thrones Season 6 has ended last Sunday… Fortunately  I have the perfect cure to get over this loss ! I don’t watch Tv that much, but I enjoy movie / serie nights so I had the occasion to try many series. For a lot of them I gave up after the first episode, but some others succeeded at peeking my curiosity. Today I want to share with you two series – which have nothing to do with GOT – that in my opinion worth to be seen.

They both talk about Monarchy, but not in the same way at all. Nowadays Republics are more numerous than Monarchies, and in countries where there are Monarchs, they don’t have that much power anymore. I’m like History, and I’m fascinated by all the Châteaux, costumes… that are part of the Monarchy in general. Though, you don’t have to be passionate about History and politics to watch those series because they are fictions, and they drive you deep inside incredible stories.



As the name of the serie says it, Versailles is about… Versailles ! What an unexpected thing right ? This serie has to be seen, not only because of the beautiful costumes, but also for the luxurious settings, the breathing scenario and a great cast.

Canal +, the French Channel, is the producer, and as the majority of the series and films it produces, they have invested a lot of money, which is clearly noticeable on screen. Indeed, since it’s about Versailles it really takes place in the Château de Versailles, and I can’t even imagine the price to rent such a place ! Without mentioning the refinement and the jeweled of the costumes and accessories.

But Versailles is not only about appearances. The scenario is not empty, and it required months of work before filming anything. Indeed, the directors and the writers received the help of historians, because even if this is a fiction, some facts are actually true.



Louis XIV was one of the greatest monarchs of France, but also in the world. Many people in many countries have heard of him, and Versailles is all about the Roi Soleil. It begins in 1667, after the fronde chased the monarchs out of Paris. They escape to the city of Versailles and settle in the ancient Pavillon de Chasse ( hunting lodge ) of Louis XIII, his father. Le Roi Soleil decides to submit the nobility by imposing them to come to Versailles. It’s an excuse to constantly have an eye on them, and prevent any rebellion. Louis XIV wanted to be the greatest monarch of all times, and to impose his authority he decided to transform the lodge into a Château. Gigantic works begin, and Le Château de Versailles, including Les Jardins, are rising of the ground. All those facts are proven by History, but of course there are many situations which were invented.

Some characters didn’t exit in the reality, the affairs of Louis XIV, all his mistresses… but the articulation between the truth and the fiction is well executed. As spectators, we are not lost somewhere in between, and we are easily taken in the story. This is mostly due to the good interpretations of the actors who are, in my opinion, credible. There are suspens, romance, violence, love, politics, family, friend, foes… Bref, the perfect cocktail for a killing serie !


The first season is made of 10 episodes, and was out on November 16th 2015. Season 2 is in production, and the date of broadcasting is not revealed yet. It’s directed by Daniel Roby, Christoph Schrewe, Jalil Lespert and Thomas Vincent. The two main characters are played by George Blagden, who interprets Louis XIV, and Alexander Vlahos is Philippe I, Duc d’Orléans. I didn’t know any of the actors of the serie, but it was a great discovery. They are very talented, and there is no doubt that the quality of the cast has its influence on the success of a serie.

-The Royals


Gosh, this serie is completely crazy ! I don’t know how Buckingham reacted when the first episode came out on March 15 2015, but I hope they have the sense of humour (I know that English people usually have a good derision ).

England, nowadays : Simon and Helena, King and Queen of England, have just learnt about the death of their eldest child Robert. They announce it to their twins, Eleanor and Liam, and this is the beginning of the end. Look at the consequences it had on Eleanor :


She’s messed up right ? In fact, Robert’s death is not at the origin of the troubles the royal family will go through, but it reveals it to us. Eleanor is a drug addict, Simon and Eleanor have nothing in commun, Liam is in College but he spends more time with girls than studying and so on. The family is completely messed up, and we dive into the windings and the complexity of the Monarchy, but also of life in general.

They might be royals, but they have to face situations that all of us go through : lies, deceptions, love, putting yourself into question, trying to stop your addiction whatever that is, struggling to held your head high and so on.

Of course they are some typical scenes that I hope the majority of us won’t have to come through. This is not a serious serie in the way that even if there are plots, murders and politic issues, they are so many ridiculous passages, so many funny lines, without mentioning the face of the characters. I mean, have you seen the Queen ?



She’s trying to be a mother and a sovereign, even if her relationships with her children and with the people is chaotic. King Simon wants to abolish Monarchy, which won’t please many people whom enjoy the benefits they have thanks to the system. The balance between serious facts and ironic situations is very well done, which makes this serie so pleasant to watch. It doesn’t discredit royal families despite all the bribery, the blackmail and self interested decisions. It makes us ask question about the current situation of the world. Does Monarchy is still necessary ? Are all politics corrupted ? Who do they think they are ? They are human, and being part of the royalty doesn’t put them above the common people.

2 seasons are already out, and a third one is on its way. It’s created by Mark Schwahn who also directed One Tree Hill. I was glad to see that Queen Helena is played by Elizabeth Hurley, I really like this actress. Prince Liam is interpreted by William Mosely whom I’ve already seen in The Chronicles of Narnia. He has grown up since then, as his abs suggest it haha. Alexandra Park play Princess Eleanor, I’ve never seen her before, but I think she’s a pretty good actress.

This is it for this article guys, let me know if you have already watched those series and which are your favorite series. I wish you a very good day, and don’t forget to entertain ! Bisous !!!

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