Shrimpy Summer Evenings

Bonjour guys ! I don’t know about you, but one of the thing I enjoy the most during summer holidays is enjoying an apéritif with family and friends. Petits fours, cocktails, amuses bouches, good wine… and of course being reunited with people you like the most, chatting and joking for hours. Days are hot, but summer nights can be chilly and windy, especially if you are near of the sea.



Yes this outfit may look like if we were in December, but I assure you that this day wasn’t hot ! I’ve opted for a turtle neck because I didn’t want to catch a cold, but it’s not a thick shirt, so I wasn’t sweating. I got it at Zara months ago, but it’s the kind of piece you can fin anywhere at anytime. It costed less than 20E, which is a bargain. I’ve also chosen to wear it because this evening there were shrimps, and I wanted to have a matchy / matchy look ( kidding ). thumb_486x228_59.jpg


More seriously ! Since the top is quiet simple, I’ve chosen the pants as the statement piece. It’s a beautiful dark green pair, with a jacquard pattern. I like jacquard, I think it’s very chic. Those pants are comfortable, ample and flexible, which is the kind of clothes you want to wear during an apéritif when your stomach is quickly full, and you don’t want the button of the pants to break. They are from Zara, my god, if they did loyalty card I think I would be their most faithful customer… They were quite affordable, around 40E, which is reasonable considering the quality of the fabric.



The boots are from Minelli, I bought them 3 years ago and this is the strongest pair of shoes I’ve ever purchased ! They were expensive but they totally worth their price. They are super high quality, the heel is large so you can win a few inches without hurting your feet. I don’t like to sit, and I can stay up for hours with those shoes, which is a good thing because hurting toes can ruin a party !



I had a beautiful evening, and I wasn’t cold at all haha ! When you go to a party, a dinner or whatever, I recommend you a comfortable outfit. Comfort can be chic and elegant, you just have to put on in temporal pieces that suit you. If you wear an outfit in which you feel good in, you will be more confident and every one will notice that. Clothes shouldn’t feel like wearing a burden, but enhance ourselves and make us feel good in our bodies. I hope you will have many occasions to spend evening with your friends and your family this summer. Don’t forget to have fun ! I talk to you very soon, bye guys !!

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