How to feel good ?

Bonjour guys ! It’s Monday, and most of us are reluctant at starting a new, interminable week. But because « Mens sana in corpore sano« , meaning  » A sound mind in a sound body« , it’s important to feel good. Easier said than done you would reply ? Well, nope ! I will give you some tips and tricks to make it actually simple. It’s important to think about yourself and your wellness. The pollution, the stress, the pressure we put on our own shoulders… it’s more than we can take. It’s important to sit and to take time to think about us, to focus on our body, to hear it and to listen to it. To be efficient, dynamic bust most of all happy, you need to be self-conscious and ready to step back.


-Before trying to do anything, you must rest : 


If you are tired, there’s no point in doing anything. It makes us clumsy, devolved, angry and so on. We don’t want to have this kind of terrible day right ? So to have a good day we need a good night. Not every one falls asleep easily, I don’t, but since I’ve changed one or two things I sleep far more better. First, try to go to bed at a regular time. I know that sometimes schedule doesn’t allow it, but try as much as you can. The, get rid of any electronic / tech items in your bedroom. No cell phone near your head nor a turn on computer on your desk. Turn everything off. Instead of falling asleep in front of a screen, grab a book, a magazine, a review… anything you like to read and you’ll see that your night will be more peaceful. Since I’ve re started to read every night, I fall asleep almost instantly after closing my book. Before I needed more than an hour to find sleep. Those advices are the most important you should apply.

-Now your batteries are charged, but a little help is welcome : 

Our body naturally generates vitamins and minerals, but sometimes it’s not producing enough, and a little help is needed. Thankfully, complements exist, they are under the form of pills or bulbs depending on the product. Magnesium, vitamins C and D, ginseng, iron and calcium are the most important nutriments we need. They are good for the blood, and the brain, and who wants a bad blood except  Taylor Swift ?

-Drink a lot ( not alcohol ) :


Our body is mainly composed of water, so hydratation is not a question but an imperative. The best is to drink water, green tea is very good too, an infusion of fruits and fruits juice will also bring your body more vitamins which is significant. It’s really good for the skin, the brain and all the organs. Without water we die so… this is my major argument haha.

– Hakuna Matata :


If everyone talks about the benefits of yoga and meditation it’s not only because it has become a huge business, but also because it’s really effective. It has been practiced mainly in India for centuries, it’s not a trend, it’s a culture. I’m not really in the spirituality thing, but focusing on our body, closing our eyes and trying to eliminate all the negative thoughts is something we should all do because in the end it feels like you actually live, and not undergo, your life. I’m not saying that you should sing for yoga classes, but at least try 10min here and there to isolate yourself somewhere quiet, to sit, to close your eyes, and to breathe.

Health and well-being are more important than anything. If we feel miserable and unhappy, how are we supposed to live our days fully ? I don’t pretend that this article will change your life, but I truly hope that it helped you somehow to feel less nervous and anxious, but more optimistic and positive about yourself. Let me know if you have some tips to feel better. I wish you a very good day ( or night ), and to forget that life is short, try to make the most out of it, and be happy, xoxo.

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂


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