In Summer orange is the new black

Bonjour guys ! Today is the 20th of June, which means that Summer is here, finally ! I don’t know what kind of weather you had those past few weeks, but here in the South West of France it was awful. Rain, dark clouds, wind… the sort of weather you’re not supposed to have in June. But, now that we officially are in Summer, I hope that the sun will show off ( cross your fingers for me pleaaaase ). Holding onto this hope, I thought that writing an article in which I share with you some tips and some of my favorite products to use when exposing myself to the sun would be relevant.


Here are some advices to prevent you from the danger of the sun : 

-First of all, and you probably already know that but it’s never repeated enough : apply sun screen ! The higher the protection is, the better. Use at least a 30 SPF indice, though 50 is better. Many people think that applying sunscreen will prevent them from tanning. That’s absolutely wrong, you will tan, you will just prevent your skin from UV so from sun burns and skin cancer in worse cases.

-Sunnies are very important too, but many of us wear sunnies since they have become a trendy accessory.

-A hat is not too much, you just have to find the right shape for you.

-Think about regularly applying lip balm so your lips won’t be dry (you want kissable lips for the Summer right ? ;p )

-After the exposure, moisturize your body and your face with an intense moisturizing cream or an after sun cream.

-Driiiiiink a lot, no matter if it’s water, tea or fruit juice, even if nothing is better than water. If you want to optimize your chance to tan faster, drink carrot juice. It can taste weird at first, but cold with a bit of lemon juice it’s really good. The beta carotene contained in the carrots favorise the activation of the melanin, on which the color of your skin depend on.

Now, let’s talk about few of my favorite products to carry with me in my beach bag : 

-Lancaster Sun Sport Wet Skin SPF 50 :

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


This product will protect your skin from the UV, plus it’s a 50 SPF protector, which is high. I really like it because it’s water proof, so it protects your skin even if you’re in the water or if you’re skin is still wet. The texture is interesting, because most of the sun cream are thick and the sand stick to your skin. This is a spray, which is far more practical.






-Lancaster Tan Maximizer :

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


This is the same range of products than the one before, but this one won’t protect you from the sun. It’s an after sun spray, so apply it on your skin after the exposure. It’s a cooling spray supposed to prolongate your tan. The refreshing sensation you feel after applying it is very agreeable, especially when it’s hot outside.  It’s not the best tan maximizer product I’ve tried, but it fulfills its cooling job. I testify : one day my arms were red like an overcooked shrimp because of the sun, I thought I’d caught sun burns. I applied it right after, and a couple of hours later, my arms were not red anymore.




-Lancaster Sun Beauty Tan Deepener SPF 30 :


FullSizeRender (3)I don’t know if I like or hate this product. It does a great job on the tanning side but the texture is really sticky, it feels very uncomfortable on the body, and the worse part is that it teintes the clothes ! Last year I was wearing a white pair of shorts, I never wore them again… That’s being said, it’s an effective product so use use when you are wearing your bikini, or clothes you don’t care if they get stained.


I found those products at Sephora, they are quite expensive… If there is one I recommend you if you can’t afford the three of them is the first one. You can find similar products for an abordable price, I like the brand Lancaster, but the price is not always justified.

-Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair :

FullSizeRender (4)

I use Schwarzkopf hair oils for years, I’ve tested several of them, and this one is the last one I bought. It’s a 6 oils elixir, which smells really good. I use it after brushing my hair, but also at the beach. Indeed, your skin is not the only one to get dry when because of the sun. Your hair do to, so protect them. Be careful not to apply a huge amount of product otherwise your hair will be greasy. A drop in your hand is enough. I found it at the drugstore, it’s affordable and it lasts for month. Applying a nourishing oil will protect your hair from the UV, but also make them shiner.



This is it for this article, I hope you liked it and that you will enjoy your Summer. Don’t forget to protect your body, it’s precious, but most importantly don’t forget to enjoy yourself, to escape, to discover other places and to meet new people. The world is beautiful, we are lucky to be alive, so let’s be happy ( and tanned ).

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