OOTD Serie #1

Hello guys ! This is my first OOTD post, I hope you will like it. I’ve chopped my head because I wasn’t very at ease with the idea of showing you my face, but maybe that for my next OOTD article I won’t behead myself. If I’ve decided to post that kind of article, it’s not because every body does, but because I love fashion and I thought that it could inspire you. I hate those moments when you spend what feels like an hour in front of your closet wondering what to wear. Sometimes I will look at OOTD pictures on Instagram for inspiration, but most of the time I end up choosing  a simple outfit but always with one statement piece : a huge necklace, a colored bag, a pair of stilettos… Today it was the top. As you can see, it’s just a pair of jeans with sneakers, but I wanted to make it more chic and not too casual, so I’ve putted this Zara top on for a more elegant touch.



I am wearing New Balance sneakers, a Mango pair of jeans and leather perfecto, a Zara top and a Minelli bag. The little thing that you see hanging on my bag is a Ladurée charm that I bought at Laurie boutique in Roma. You can find it online, there are different models on their website. It was quite expensive, around 35E, just for a charm, but there are 3 macarons and La Tour Eiffel, so I just well… I have no excuse. But it’s always on my bag, and each time I change my bag I put it on.

You can find the New balance pair of shoes almost every where, since every one is wearing that. I love wearing heels, but sometimes I just want to be able to feel my feet at the end of the day, so I pick a pair of snickers. I love the brand Vans because they make very comfy shoes, but I heard a lot of good comments about the New Balance, so I’ve decided to invest in a pair, and yes I confirm you that it’s confortable. Yet it’s pricy, and it’s just a pair of snickers, but we pay the brand more than the total cost of it.


I’ve purchased the perfecto two years ago so I don’t know if you can still find it. It’s in leather so it was quite expensive, but it was a very good investment. The pair of jeans was bought a few months ago, but it’s a simple pair of jeans. The most important when purchasing a clothe is to feel comfortable in it. Don’t buy something because it’s trendy, trends pass away. A nice, simple piece of quality in which you feel good will always has its place in your closet.


I love this Zara top, very elegant I think. The little wrapped detail in the front changes everything and put the outfit on another level. The material is heavy yet comfy, and the pattern is original. It costed something like 40E, which is not too much in my opinion considering the quality of the finitions. This Minelli bag is also in leather, so it was pricy, but I have it for yeaaaars and it’s still like new ! When I’m shopping, I don’t like to buy a hundred of articles just to say « I have new things ». I prefer to buy less, but things of quality, no matter if it’s for clothes, shoes or accessories.

This is it for this article, I hope you liked it. I will post more OOTD articles. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before, probably because I was afraid to be judged about my physic, but I own a blog, I have to accept the fact that critics are part of it. Fashion is my passion, and having a blog without posting articles about my clothes didn’t feel right to me. I leave you to it, let me know if you like this OOTD. I wish you the best, talk to you soon. Buy guys !!





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