Review : Too Faced products


Hello guys ! I wanted to write an article about make up, and I’ve noticed that many of the products I’ve been using for the past weeks are from the same brand : Two Faced. So I thought it could be interesting to write a review about four of their products. All of them are from Sephora, you can buy them directly at a store or online, and of course on the Two Faced website.

( I just want to precise that it’s not a sponsored article )


. Shadow Insurance Primer :  


For a long time, my favorite eye shadow base was the Urban Decay Classic one. Each time it was empty, I was buying the same product. I was so satisfy with it that I didn’t even thought about trying something else. Of course I’ve hear a lot about the Two Faced Shadow Insurance, but I never wanted to test it, until that day when my mum brought it from work. Since it was there, I’ve decided to test it so I would have my own opinion. I was right to test it because my Urban Decay primer is almost empty, and the Two Faced one is equally good so I won’t have to buy a new product. I said « equally good » because to me there is not one product better than the other. The texture is smooth, not heavy at all, you don’t need a huge amount of product, and it does its job perfectly : the eyeshadow lasts all day long. Also, it’s the same range of price than the Urban Decay one, so my advice is that you should try them both and make your own opinion.

Sweet Peach palette :

Two Faced is well known for its Chocolate Bar Palettes, but I’ve never tested them because, once again, of Urban Decay ! I have almost all of their palettes so I didn’t see the point of buying the Chocolate Bar ones because the eyeshadows were alike.


But recently Two Faced launched the Sweet Peach palette, and well… I couldn’t resist. Colors are beautiful, very pigmented, but they are dusty, so do your foundation after, or tap your pencil to make the excess fall before it ends up on your face ! This is the only bad point about this palette. It costs around 40E, which is not too expensive considered the fact that there are 18 colors, and honestly they are amazing. You can do an every day look as well as a night out one. Oh and eyeshadow smell peach ! Well, who’s going to smell your eyes right ? Still, it’s agreeable to have a nice smell while doing your make up haha ! You can easily blend colors, even the darkest ones, there are both matte and shiny colors, and the shades go from a plain light beige to a deep sparkly black purple.
If you don’t have many different eyeshadows and want to invest in a palette that worth it, I recommend you this one.

Better than sex mascara :

When it comes to mascara I usually buy mine at the drugstore. My favorites mascaras are from L’Oréal, they are cheap and they do their job perfectly. I also love the Dior ones, but they cost around 30E, which is pretty expensive when you can find very good mascaras for half this prize. Anyway, I’ve been purchasing a few articles at Sephora, so I got samples including a tiny Two Faced mascara : the Better than Sex. I don’t know if you will think hat it’s actually better than sex, but it’s better than most of the mascaras I’ve used. The brush is not in plastic, so it’s not hard at all, and the shape of it is per-fect !

Choosing a mascara is horrible for me because most of them make my lashes sticky and I hate the feeling. I was so happy when I found the L’Oréal Volume Millions de Cils that I think that I’ve tried almost all of the mascaras of the range ( yeah, marketing means 6 different mascaras with the same name ). But it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been testing other mascaras. Quite the opposite actually, I’ve tried many mascaras over the years, and every time I was disappointed and I was ending up buying the L’Oréal one. But I wasn’t disappointed at all when I tried the Better than sex mascara, I was amazed. It’s not thick, and you don’t need 455 coats to have a false lashes effect, one is enough. Just try it because except telling you that it’s an great product I can’t show you the result on yourself. So if your mascara is almost empty the next one you should buy is this one.

Sweetheart blush, Candy Glow :


To give a look a final healthy / glowy touch, blush is the key. But I usually don’t like them because they are too bright and you end up looking like if you ran a hundred miles. This blush is very pigmented so it can easily be too much and not only too faced ( I like playing with words ). The good point is that there are 3 different shades so you can adjust the final color depending on the result you want. Though, I don’t press my brush into the blush because it would be too heavy and give an unnatural finish. I recommend you to take a little amount of product and tap you brush before applying it, especially if it’s an every day make up look. What i like to do with it, since it’s very pigmented, is to use the colors as eyeshadows, it really does the job.

This is it for this article, I hope you liked it. Let me know if you’ve already tried some of those products and what you think about them.I wish you a very good day, Talk to you soon , XOXO.


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