Wardrobe essentials


Hello guys ! Today’s article is about fashion. Remember that day in front of your closet not knowing what to wear ? Was it yesterday, the day before… Wait ! It happens so often that I know the feeling to well. And I supposed you do to. So I thought it would be helpful to share with you some pieces which are, in my opinion, our  » not knowing what to wear situation » salvation. These clothes are timeless, wearable no matter your morphology or your age, so they are a safe investment. Plus, they are simple, so you can accessorize them easily with pretty much anything you want, and wear them for many different occasions. Let me introduce them to you :

. Stilettos and ballerinas

A pair of stilettos instantly makes an outfit look more chic, even an old destroyed pants would make it. Ballerinas are the French girl go-to pair of shoes. It’s flat so it’s comfy, but still classier than a pair of snickers right ?

. Flare jeans and a tailored skirt

We are not in the seventies anymore, but flare jeans are not overrated. They fit every type of body despite what people often say. Plus, if you are short you can wear high heels and pretend you are tall, no one will suspect anything because your shoes are hidden by the pants ! Don’t worry, it’s not cheating. A tailored skirt is a classic. You don’t have to be a business woman to wear it. It’s not an « office outfit » if you wear it with modern, feminine accessories. It can easily become a date night outfit, or an elegant day one.

. White T-Shirt and a man shirt

White T-shirt purpose is not only for going to bed or to the gym. It’s so plain, so classical, that you can do anything you want with it ! So wear it however the hell you want !
As for the man shirt, I would have been naked many times if I didn’t have one ( several actually, ok I have many of them ). I mean it look so good on everyone, it makes me feel stronger, I don’t know why. I feel like a powerful person when I wear this kind of piece, probably because it’s associate to powerful man who knows ?
. Tailored blazer and a perfecto

Ah YSL, God bless you ! By giving women the opportunity to wear tailored suit you helped them emancipate. A blazer on your shoulder and you can carry the world ! And who run the world girls ?
A good perfecto will rock an outfit, no matter the one ! If you are against the use of leather, there are very good looking fake leather jackets. It just has to fit you, no matter the texture or the color, though a black one is a safe value.
. LBD and a fluid white dress

Ok, I didn’t choose this picture of Audrey Hepburn because she’s my beauty / fashion icon, but because of her LBD. She was Hubert de Givenchy’s muse, and he designed many pieces only for her, most of them being classic, nonetheless beautiful. I think I can affirm that the film « Breakfast at Tiffany’s » gave birth to the LBD era, and it’s not ready to fade away ! Good for us, we need a LBD in our closet. Last but not least : a sheer white dress. Because wearing tailored outfits is great, but during summer, when we are sweaty, we don’t necessarily want to wear a leather jacket or a pair of jeans. This kind of dress is perfect because the material is really light so you won’t even feel it. It’s confortable yet feminine.

These are some wardrobe basics, but no one should look alike.That’s why I’ve chosen this picture of Coco Chanel at the beginning of my article, with this specific quote. Clothes reflect who we are, and we are unique, so don’t pretend to be some one else, or try to look like your idol. Fashion is supposed to empower people, to make them feel more confident. Embrace yourself and use those basics to create your look. Imagine you are a writer and you are in front of a white page. Clothes are your white page, so use them as a mean to express yourself. There are countries where women can’t wear what they would like because of the sexist and the autocratic political / religious establishments. Enjoy your freedom of creativity and of expression, it’s a chance and they are precious. Clothes don’t hide a body or a person, they enhance it. So enhance yourself, and most important : love yourself.

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