Favorites of the month #May

Hello guys ! Since May has ended, I thought it would be interesting to share with you some of my discoveries of the month. I’ve picked up only 3 randoms « things », because I don’t see the point in talking about a hundred of products. I don’t want my readers to be lost in a flow of useless informations. Plus, in a month I haven’t discovered tons of new stuff haha! So let’s get into it shall we ?

  • Drink : Dolce Gusto Macaron green tea 


You probably don’t know it, but I’m addicted to tea. I have so many different teas that I could open a shop ! Anyway, two weeks ago I was doing my errands and usually I prefer buying tea in bags or boxes. Even though I like the Dolce Gusto machine, I thought their teas taste « fake » with too many added flavor and sugar. But I saw a guy holding a box with a macaron on it, and macaron is my guilty pleasure so I bought the thing. Yeah, a simple photo of a macaron is enough to make me buy something… Power of consumerism ! I didn’t expect much from this tea because like I said I’m not in fond of industrial products. But guys, this tastes really good. Though it doesn’t taste like macaron at all, it’s sweet and fruity, and sugar is less present than I expected. So if you have a Dolce Gusto machine try this new capsule. It won’t revolutionize their range of products, but it’s a nice novelty and my box is now empty, yup, drunk it all already !


  • App : Spark Adobe 



I’m in an internship as a Community Manager, and most of my job is to create content for social medias. Since the company I work in doesn’t have thousands to spend in communication and advertisement, social medias are a low cost and an effective way to promote our products. There are many logiciels to create visuals, but most of them require a costly subscription. A few weeks ago, Adobe, which is known for Photoshop and Indesign among other things, released Spark, a free website / application to realize montage. I was very excited because Adobe is a great tool, but an expensive one. Spark doesn’t cost anything, and you can achieve nice things.

Of course it can’t compete with professional apps, but when you don’t have a lot of means it saves you ! It’s very easy to use, in a few minutes you can create something not bad at all, and publish it right away if you want. There are not many filters, but you have plenty possibilities for the color of the text and for its police. You can also size the format of the image depending on which platform you want to publish it. If you need a tool to create content freely and easily, Spark Adobe is the perfect match !


  • Beauty product : Stop Spot Guerlain



In May, I wore make up almost every day ( beautiful rhyme by the way ). My skin didn’t really like it, even though I take great care of it, and remove my make up precociously. I almost never wear fondation, so my pores are not that obstruct, my I have some rednesses. I used to cover them with concealer but concealing is not eliminating. I was at Sephora, and asked for advice. The saleswoman told me about the Guerlain Stop Spot, and after hearing her bragging all the advantages of this cream, I’ve decided to buy it. And it was a good call. It’s an anti-blemishes cream, the texture is latte and heavy, but you only need to apply it locally on the problematic zones. The matte texture will cover the redness, and the camphre which is the active ingredient in this product, will dry the spot. I’ve been using it for around two weeks now, and I can notice the difference. The tube is small, but you don’t need a lot of product. I use only a drop of it on the zone considered, and it’s done. I think this tube will last until the end of the year if not more ! It has a cost, but totally worth it. If your skin has some blemishes I recommend it to you. Of course, ask for advice in store before because we all have an unique skin and even if we may have similar skin issues, the treatment might not be the same for us.


This is it for this article, I hope you liked it and that it made you discover new products. Let me know if you already knew about them and what you think of them. If you’ve decided to test them after reading my post, share your opinion about them. I wish you a very good day, until next time. Kisses !

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