Hello guys ! Today’s article is about every girl’s man : her father. Why ? Because on Sunday the 19th of June it’s Father’s Day, at least in France. So I thought it would be relevant to share with you some ideas to show your papa how much you love him.

For centuries, the place of a father in the family wasn’t that big. Indeed, women were the ones to take care of their children, or nannies for the rich people. Fathers were supposed to work, and mothers to raise. But it didn’t mean that fathers didn’t care about their children. They just had a different way to show them their love, because love was often associated to weakness, or to a sensibility that was only allowed for women. The lessons taught by a father were more given to boys than girls, because they used to tell them how it’s like to be strong, to learn how to fight, how to run a business, and even how to conquer a woman. Girls were taught how to dress well, to play music, to cook, to look pretty… Thank God the world has changed !

Nowadays, father’s place in the family is bigger, at least in modern societies. I’ve always been a Father’s daughter, if that actually means something. I remember when I was a little girl I used to walk with my feet on my father’s ones. It made me feel taller, stronger, protected and above everything loved. My point by writing this article is to underline the fact that having a father is mainly important in the development of the children, and that showing love is not a sign of weakness.

Mother’s Day is very commercial, you see flowers everywhere, gift boxes etc… But for Father’s Day there is less infatuation. So it’s more complicated to find something to offer… It’s not a birthday, it’s not Christmas, it’s Father’s Day. Meaning a day devoted to him. I am lucky to say that he was always there for me, and yes sometimes we fight, but it’s because we care about each other. Anyway, here’s my advice : think about your relationship with your father, we all have an unique one, so your gift will be unique. Don’t try too hard, think about its personality, but mainly about the past you share together, things that only the two of you can understand.


This day is about the human being in front of you, so whatever you give him avoid things too commercial, it has to be authentic. It can be a picture of you two taken a precise day the both of you remember, or offer him something you know he wants for a long time but never had the chance to get it.

No matter how old we are, we always will be our parents’ children, and there is no shame in loving them.  As you can see, this article wasn’t a list about gifts you can buy and offer to your father. Money can’t buy everything. I know it’s a delicate subject because everyone doesn’t have a good relationship with his / her father, and some of you might no longer have a father. But what you need to remember from this article is that love, especially when it comes to our parents, is precious, unique and also complicated. But it’s rare and please, try at least one day per year to leave any kind of animosity, grudge or regret behind. You’ll see that by the end of the day you will feel different, lighter and peaceful.

Next time I will try to publish something less serious haha ! Until then I wish you a very good Father’s Day to come, full of joy and love. Family is important, we only have one father, he’s the one.

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