Recipes serie #7 : Crêpes party ( gluten free, lactose free and sugar free )

Hello gys ! Today I’m back with the weekly recipe. Last time I’ve posted savory recipes, so today we’re gonna play it sweet. French tradition wants that we eat crêpes for Chandeleur, on February the 2nd, but the truth is that we eat it whenever we want haha ! The classic recipe is made with eggs, milk, butter, sugar, flour, vanilla extract and some people add rum or beer. But I wanted to share with you an healthy version, because to me food can be tasty and sain.


For this recipe you will need : 

-2 eggs ( organic eggs are better.If you are vegan you can replace them by a compote, almond paste, or any egg alternative you like )

-250g of gluten free flour

-200ml of soy milk ( I’ve used vanilla one, you can also use almond milk or any non dairy milk you prefer )

-1 tbsp of vanilla extract

-1tbsp of orange blossom

-1tbsp of honey ( or agave sirop )

This is the basic recipe. You can add orange zest, this time I didn’t, but it adds something more to the crêpes. You can also add any extract that you like, during summer for an « exotic » side I like to add coconut extract and coconut milk instead of soy.

Begin with mixing your eggs in a large bowl, add the wet ingredients, then progressively the flour. Stir thoroughly. Let it rest at room temperature for 2h.

Take a large pan, spread oil on it instead of butter. Use any oil you like, coconut one is the best in my opinion, but olive oil works perfectly. Once the pan is hot, take a ladle of your crêpes paste, and by a technical wrist movement spread the paste all over the pan. Leave it for 1min, then turn it on the other side. So, either you are a pro and you can flip it like a pancake, or you are like me, meaning clumsy, and you need a spatula. Let it cook 1min on the other side as well and we can take it off the pan and put your crêpe in a plate. I’ve said 1min, but if you like it very cooked leave it more longer. It depends on you taste.

For the topping, you can put anything you like : marmelade, honey, agave sirop, maple sirop ( my favorite topping ever ), but you can also put chocolate and cream without feeling guilty. Indeed, for the chocolate topping I found a chocolate paste in an organic store called Biocoop ( I love this shop ), and they sell chocolate paste without gluten, lactose and palme oil. You can also use dark chocolate and melt it. I’ve add icing sugar but it was just to decorate.


When you love whipped cream but if you don’t tolerate lactose like me, or if you just want an healthy version, use coconut cream instead of fresh cream. Make sure the cream is cold, put to in a bowl and using a mixer, beat the cream. Add progressively sweetener ( honey, agave sirop…) and beat until it has the consistence of a whipped cream. Then put it in the fridge for at least 1h. If you want it to harden quicker, you can put chantimix or agar agar. I’ve putted pine nuts on top as well, it gives some crunch . I like the combination between the crêpe which is hot, the coconut whipped cream which is cold, the chocolate which is hot and liquid, and the nut which are crunchy.


This is it for this article, I hope you liked it. Now I’m hungry… When you have a sweet tooth like I do it’s hard to resist haha ! Fortunately, there are healthy alternatives to keep your body in shape and avoid risks of diabetes. This is what I try to do each time I share a recipe on my blog. Let me know if you tried it at home, and which is your favorite dessert. Oh ! And if you would like me to give you a specific recipe in its « healthy version » let me know in the comments ! I wish you a nice day, et bon appétit !!

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