Escape for a while

Hello guys ! May is coming to its end, which means that Summer holidays are approaching.  I thought it would be relevant to share with you some ideas to travel this Summer, to change your air, to free your mind, to escape for a while. Here are 3 paradisiac destinations which I hope I will be able to see once in my life. It’s already mid May, so if you haven’t booked anything yet it’s time !

Those places are only suggestions, I would never push anyone to buy something or go somewhere, none of my articles are meant to promote a brand, an hotel, a company… I just wanted to make it clear.

There are so many places to discover, so it was hard to pick only three destinations. Though, these locations are so beautiful to me that they came to my mind easily. You better like the beach and the sun because you won’t see any mountains or jungles in this article haha !


I am half Italian, so I couldn’t not put one Italian destination. I chose the Lac Como, which is located around the city of Como, obviously, just above Milano. When you say Italy most people think about Milano, Roma, Venice… But personally when I’m in holidays I prefer calm instead of being surrounded by tourists. Como is the perfect place to go because well, it’s like heaven on earth, it’s a small city so it will really feel like if you were somewhere appart. I don’t know where you’ve, but if you are european it’s not that far. You don’t necessarily have to go at the other side of the planet to discover new landscapes. You have to be open minded and curious, whatever the subject is.

In Como you will be able to take little embarcations and sail accros the lake. It’s a really good way to discover the place. Cars are not the main locomotion people use. They walk a lot too. Go to Como will allow you to let go all the pressure of your daily life, to get away from pollution and stress, and to discover a little piece of paradise. Plus, it’s Italy guys, think about the amazing food !!

I found this hotel : course I’m not aware of your financial means, so the best way is to be organized, to compare prices and prestations included. Try to see if you can book a flight and an hotel room, during summer companies proposed interesting packaged offers.

Now, let’s go a little further : Greece ! Santorini is a little island lost between the Mediterranean and the Egée seas. I think that I’ve never seen a landscape so breathtaking…


Here too leave your car in the airport and enjoy the great weather to walk and to go to the beach. Trails are winding so it will be very benefit for your legs to stroll haha ! More seriously, look at those colors : deep lagon blue not only in the water but also on the constructions. The bright white which reflects the light, and looks like if cotton were dropped everywhere… It’s so peaceful, you will definitely be touched by the atmosphere, the scents…

Indeed, there are beautiful flowers. I think that when you travel it’s important to receive the vibes of the place. What I mean is that you will associate the place to scents, feelings… And one day in your life you will feel something different, then you will close your eyes and be brought back to the place you were months, years ago. I believe it’s this kind of place so magical that it marks you forever.

Here’s the hotel I found :

Last but not least : Palombaggia in Corsica, a French island just above Sardegna. Palombaggia is located at the South-West of the island, near of Porto-Vecchio.


Honestly, you see the photo and everything is said… I thought that this kind of place only existed in Hawaii or Tahiti, but no, it exists near of France too ! There are a lot of places to discover in Corsica, the island can be visited in less than a week. But when you are in a place like that I think that the one thing you want to do is to rest on the beach ! But you should try to discover the rest of the island, there are other places as breathtaking as this one. There are many tourists in Corsica during summer, but people are more in Ajaccio or Bastia.

Palombaggia’s beach is one of the most beautiful of the coast, so if you are French and if you don’t want to go too far this is the perfect place to go. But you have to book a Ferry, so I recommend you to do it as quick as possible. This is the link for an accommodation :

Well, this is it for this article. I hope you liked it and that it gave you ideas of destinations for this summer. If you have already been to one of these places let me know what you thought of it, and why not leave some good addresses ( restaurants, shops, hotels…) that you would recommend ? I wish you a very good day, see you soon, bye !!

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