Pour yourself a drink, out on some lipstick and put yourself together

Liz Taylor once said « Pour yourself a drink, out on some lipstick and put yourself together ». Well, I’ll pass for the drink, but when it comes to the lipstick and to putting myself together I agree ! Many says that wearing make up is being superficial. I don’t believe it’s true. Wearing make up is enhancing yourself, not putting a mask. It allows women to feel more confident, more powerful, and I don’t see how it’s a problem. Of course, make up is an art ( we say a make up artist right ? ), and you can’t just paint your face like that. You have to know your face, what colors, shapes of liner…put you in your advantage. I won’t give you make up lessons, there are many tutorials on YouTube. In this article I will just share with you three of my « coup de coeur » lipsticks for the S/S.

Here there are :



When I was in Roma, I went to the Mac store Via del Corso, one of the biggest shopping street in the capital. I was surrounded by all those beauty products and was excited like a child in a toys store. I was looking for a lipstick, but I had nothing precise in my mind. Until…Among all the lipsticks my eyes were caught by a bright purple color. I grabbed the product, tested it on the back on my hand and well… I bought it obviously. It’s sweet name is « Up the Amp », and it belongs to the Amplified range ( there are also the Mate, Laqué…). It’s not the kind of color I usually wear, I’m more a classic red lipstick person, but it’s good to go out of your comfort zone sometimes right ? Moreover, if there is a time if the year when you can let yourself go it’s during Summer ! Since it’s a bright color, I recommend you to go easy on the eyes, mascara is enough. And if you don’t want to look like a zombie make sure to have a perfect complexion.

Moving on to the Rouge Allure Chanel N°131 called Étonnante. It’s a light peachy / orange color which tinted lightly your lips. It will illuminate your face, and add to your make up a little pop of color which will give you a little « je ne sais quoi ». The color is not that bright, so you can play with colors on your eyes as well. This lipstick is the perfect final touch to achieve a glowy and a sparkly S/S look.

The last product I wanted to talk about was offered to me for my 20th birthday. It’s the Benefit « Dare Me » lipstick. This a bright dark pink color. I love the texture because it is really smooth and it hydrates your lips. It’s the perfect shade for the summer. When I see this product, I have the total look n my mind : wear it with a simple cat eye, hair tied up, and a long dress.


This is it for this short article, I hope you liked it. I didn’t write too much because the best is that you tried those lipsticks. Indeed, depending on your skin tone, your hair color etc… it won’t give the same result. Don’t forget that make up is meant to make you feel more confident, to enhance your own beauty. So don’t ever wear something because you were told to. Do it because you want to.

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